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If your anything like me and love washing your hair but dread having to dry it afterwards then I may have found the perfect product for you!. 

I have weave which means my long thick blonde locks need drying every time I wash my hair in order to keep my extensions in tip top condition. The days before I had a weave I would do just about anything not to dry my hair as it always seemed like such a chore. If I had discovered  this gem of a product back then I would have always dried my hair. 

I received a parcel in the post a couple of weeks ago from Batiste and I was super excited when the parcel contained their new Speed it Up Blow Dry Accelerator sprays. 

There are three different sprays in the range:
  • Smoothing - Containing nourishing Baobab Oil smooth out your hair from root to tip - (turquoise bottle)
  •  Frizz Taming - Formulated with Tamanu Oil to defrizz your locks - (Purple bottle)
  • Shine - Enriched with Ginseng to give you shiny and lustrous locks - (Pink bottle)
They all smell absolutely incredible and I was amazed at how much quicker my hair dried. The spray claims to dry your hair 30% faster and it didn't disappoint. The amazing thing about these sprays is not only do they help you dry your hair so much quicker but they also contain a heat protector to stop any of your hair tools damaging your hair. The heat protector built into the sprays can help protect  the hair from heat damage up to 230°c. I also love the fact you really don't need to use a lot of this product as a little goes a long way. I tend to use around 6-8 sprays across all the different sections of my hair which considering how thick / long my hair is this isn't a lot of product. 

These amazing sprays are only £4.49 each and for the amount of time they have saved me they are well worth the money. I think this is such an amazing price for quality of this product. I am in love with this product and couldn't imagine blow drying my hair without this now. I love the fact their is a spray for everyone as they cater for different hair types. 

Which spray would you like to try? 

That's all for now ..... Amber xox

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