Did I Achieve My Goals For 2017?

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 So at the beginning of last year I set myself some goals to achieve and thought I would update you guys with how I did with them and what I achieved. 

If you want to watch my goals for 2017 video click the link below:

So lets get into this!, I thought I would write down the list of my goals below and go through whether I achieved them or not!

  1. Pass my driving test- I am so unbelievably happy I managed to achieve this one. After years of trying I finally did it and I really don't know how I would manage without being able to drive now!.
  2. Graduate from University- So as some of you will know I decided to go to university to study to become a teacher but then life sort of got in the way and it changed how I felt about what I wanted to do in life. It got to my final year and I really struggled through passing my dissertation which I needed to do in order to graduate with honours. I have finally done it!. I decided that even if its no longer what I want to do, I have put to much work in not to complete the course. I resat my dissertation and passed so now if I do decide its something I want to do in the future I have it as a back up. 
  3. Get motivated to achieve my goals - After a tough year of ups and downs I feel like this one was a hard one to achieve as it was hard to stay motivated every day. I think the with this goal its just more about staying focused and keeping my eye on the prize! - I feel like this is something that needs to be ongoing into 2018.
  4. Get a new Job - This is one of the goals I am most proud of achieving as I did actually get a new job working at Marks and Spencer as part of their specialist selling team. I have then moved into the bakery and worked super hard doing all sorts of shifts at all hours to get the job I really wanted. I then got offered full time on their Beauty counter which is something I have decided I want a career in. Beauty is my passion and its the sector I want to create a career for myself in. 
  5. Lose weight - This is one that has been hit or miss!. I have an unhealthy relationship with food and when I get down in the dumps I eat, when I have a reason to celebrate I eat. I did lose a stone this year but have since regained that weight. I have decided that I need to make a lifestyle change rather than dieting. I need to start and make an effort to eat healthier and exercise plus drink lots of water. I am determined to do this in 2018!
  6. Keep a diary- Nothing much to say about this other than the fact I completely and utterly failed 😅
  7. Grow my following and regularly upload content- I feel like this is something I have massively improved on. I do have a long way to go and I do want to try and put out more content!
I feel like I did a really well in trying to achieve these goals and I cant wait to set my goals for 2018 and see what I can achieve this year. I just get this feeling that this year is my year!

What where your goals for 2017 and did you achieve them?

Thats all for now .... Amber xox

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