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It's that time of year again when Summer is upon us and I'm still sat hibernating with the weight I gained in Winter to keep me warm. Who am I kidding I gained weight because to put it politely i'm a greedy bitch who loves food a little bit to much- just a little to much.  

Getting on the scales and discovering youv'e gained more than a stone is no fun and I certainly do not want to be gaining anymore weight. So at the beginning of the year if you watch my YouTube channel you may have seen that I did a video where I outlined my goals for the year and losing weight was one of them!. This weightloss journey has been an uphill battle for me since January and although I am making progress it is very slow at best. I have tried everything but I just look forward to cheat day on WEEKEND where I get to binge on unhealthy foods and a good old takeaway. I have discovered that this is clearly not the way to do it. I just haven't felt the motivation to lose weight- and I love food but I'm not to keen on the gym.

I woke up on Monday of this week and something just seemed to have clicked - I had a spark of motivation. I just said to myself I am sick of saying it and never doing anything about it- if you live life like this nothing will ever change. 

I had already started to make small changes to my everyday routine which included:
  •  Going for a jog - with friends on a Tuesday night
  • Drinking more water - as I have relied far to much on getting hydration from fizzy - drinks which as part of a healthy lifestyle is a big NO NO!
  • Cutting out full fat fizzy drinks - if I do fancy something fizzy I always now turn to diet drinks but try to avoid them at all costs if possible
  • Cutting down carbs - I love carbs way to much and now try to avoid having double carbs so like bread and potatoes for example
  • Using the stairs - not being lazy and using the escalators at work or the lift
  • Being more aware of what I am eating- This was a big one for me because my problem with food is that I struggle to say NO! and like a lot of people I always have the mind set that one won't hurt. A lot of the time people don't realise the calories and fat content of that little fruit scone or that ready meal lasagna you bought for an easy tea.
  • Cutting down on snacking- Similar to the last point If I used to see it I would eat it! Especially with my job now working at Marks and Spencer as a food taster is hard because in order to sell a product you have to know it tastes good- she says half a packet of chocolate biscuits later. 
  • Replacing snacks with healthier alternatives- Instead of the chocolate biscuits I now reach for healthier alternatives like fruit its still sweet but so much healthier.
  • Cooking from scratch and adding veg to every meal- this one is the hardest as it is most time consuming but if you plan what to eat on a weekly basis at least you know what your cooking! this way you can make different recipes each week and not get bored. Also adding veg to your plate can really help to fill you up more than what you would think.
  • A clothing goal - Get yourself an item of clothing that you want to aim to fit into and once you hit that goal buy something else until your happy with your weight loss but don't make your goal to unreachable or you will be dissapointed when your struggling to reach it. One of my first goals was when I started work at Marks and Spencer- the lady asked me what size trousers I would need so I replied size 12 as this is normally what I buy in most clothes. I couldn't even get them past my hips this actually really upset me knowing I would have to get the size up but guess what the size 12 fit now!.
Making small changes really helps because this is when you mind frame begins to change - if you rush into it and set your self targets that are unreachable to begin with you will end up giving in. 

My Weight Now:

This is hard for me to discuss because I find talking about weight hard so being open and honest with you guys about what I weigh is a whole different level for me. So currently I weigh around 11st 10 but with a holiday to Spain booked, I need to shift some of this weight. In an ideal world I would love to get back down to about 10st but this isn't going to happen by the end of August when I jet off to Spain. So my aim for my holidays is to get down to 11st, I want to look good and feel good in a bikini. I just want to be BIKINI BODY ready!. 

I am going to continue with my small changes to try and hit my goal weight. I am also cutting out all takeaways from now until I go on holiday. 

I will update you guys closer to my holiday with how I am getting on and a weight update!

what are your weightloss tips?

That's all for now Amber xox

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