50 Things You Probably didn't know about me...


After searching for inspiration on blog posts I could write. I had a thought what way to better get my blog back up and running than to do a factual post about myself featuring things you probably didn't know about me. I have let my blog slip after putting focus into my YouTube channel. This post will give you an insight into my life and help you to get to know me better. 

What better way to do this then to simply write a bullet pointed list of facts about myself this way it is easy to read and concise. I mean this list may consist of somethings that you do already know maybe through watching my videos but I am hoping a lot of these facts with give you some new information about myself.

Here goes:
  1. My childhood dream job was to become a fashion designer - I used to have books filled with clothes I had drawn up and designed.
  2. My favourite subjects at school where textiles and art.
  3. My favourite holiday destination is America - I been to Florida a fair few times but would love to jump in a camper van and travel round America it would be amazing.
  4. I can't stand any type of Seafood - when I was younger I used to love crabsticks, fish fingers and fish cakes but now the thought of any seafood makes me feel ill.
  5. I love rap music - I have learned to memorise the words to so many rap songs as some sort of party trick. I love Tupac and Jay Z.
  6. I'm a girl gamer - hand me a PlayStation controller and I will sit playing for hours.
  7. I have always wanted to visit Italy - I have been lucky enough to have traveled to a fair few destinations but Italy isn't one of them and its somewhere I have always wanted to go.
  8. I love food way to much! - pretty self explanatory really
  9. I love a good TV series but when I get hooked it becomes an addiction- I have seen myself get through 5 seasons of a tv series in a week if I have got hooked.
  10. CSI used to be my guilty pleasure - I still love the series now but when I was younger I used to watch it 24/7 and it even inspired me to look into becoming a crime scene investigator.
  11. I love a bargain - 9 times out of 10 I only buy things on offer or in sales - some may say cheapskate but I say thrifty.
  12. Upon until recently I have only ever had Blonde hair- I recently popped a silver non permanent dye onto my hair.
  13. I love having long hair and hate getting it cut - Ive seen me cry if hairdresser trys to take as much as an inch of the ends of my hair.
  14. I worked as a cleaner for my first job to gain some pocket money while attending college.
  15. My favourite actor is Denzel Washington followed by Will smith and Idris Elba.
  16. I only passed my driving test this year! - after years of starting and stopping lessons I decided to go all out and put in my all which led to me passing this year.
  17. My favourite game is Bioshock - I have most of the collectors editions of this game
  18. I invest far to much emotion into the characters of tv shows I get hooked on - I feel like I know them on a personal level.
  19. I have one tattoo which is a dreamcatcher with a quote above which reads - "never let go of your dreams"
  20. I have been to see Usher, Ne-yo and Beyonce live in concert.
  21. I love candles! - particularly ones with Christmas themed scents they always seem to smell best.
  22. I love a nice hot bath with a bath bomb and bubbles.
  23. I cant stop buying make up - I have an excuse for this now I am a beauty blogger.
  24. I went to University to study Early Childhood to become a teacher 
  25. I have worked in retail for nearly 7 Years - I worked for Clarks shoe shop for 6 years and currently work at Marks and Spencer.
  26. I would love to travel - I want to see the world you only get one life so why stop living it!.
  27. I am accident prone - I have a history of being very clumsy.
  28. I was born in 1993 on the 28th of December which is 3 days after Christmas - my star sign is Capricorn.
  29. I drink far to many fizzy drinks and no where near enough water - Coca Cola is a guilty pleasure.
  30. I love to cook for other people to get their opinion.
  31. I spend far to much time checking social media.
  32. I can talk for England - Once you get me going I never shut up!
  33. I love blogging and hope one day it becomes my full time job.
  34. I struggle to tell the time on an analog watch - it takes me a good 10 minutes to work it out.
  35. I love to be warm and cosy - on a night time you can usually find me snuggled up on a sofa with a big blanket.
  36. I tend to be a good judge of character - I can sense negative and positive vibes from people; they are normally right.
  37. I want to move abroad or to a big city
  38. I am a big kid - I am normally described as having my head in the clouds but I just love having a good imagination.
  39. I love keepsakes and always keep hold of nik naks of places I have visted.
  40. I am a hoarder and always find myself collecting something - from stickers to badges.
  41. Turquoise is my favourite colour.
  42. My mum named me Amber after she had watched the film Mo Money where the actress Stacey Dash plays a character named Amber Evans.
  43. I’m not a fan of hot drinks at all! I don’t drink tea or coffee, just the odd hot chocolate with tons of cream and marshmallows or a cup of tea every now and again but just to dip my biscuits.
  44. My favourite tv series include CSI, vampire diaries, luther, the originals, how to get away with murder and I Zombie among many others.
  45. When I was younger my celebrity crushes included Orlando Bloom and Zac Efron.
  46. I have never broken any bones and don't plan on doing so any time soon.
  47. My bad habit is biting my nails - yes ive tried everything to stop.
  48. When I'm nervous I sit and rock or shake my legs - Its not because I need to pee.
  49. I am a little short arse at only 5ft 3.
  50. I have a minature jack russell named Buster who is my baby!

    Which fact are you surprised to know ? 
    What random facts have you got about yourself?

    Thats all for now ... Amber xox

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