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I was recently sent a couple of new beauty products to try from a brand known as Fab Brows they do brow kits and also have ventured into contour kits. I was sent both these products to review. The products arrived beautifully in luxurious gold packaging which is very sturdy may I add.

Check out their products here:

Fab Brows Duo Brow Kit - Light/Medium - RRP £20:

Brows some would argue they are the most important feature on your face as when groomed correctly they really can take years off you. Over the last couple of years brows have become a massive part of the beauty market with so many brands launching brow products and brow kits. I believe that now a beauty collection isn't complete without at least one products. Your brows help to frame your face so it is crucial they are applied and tended to correctly.

The Fab brow kit comes in three different shades:
  • Light / Medium Brown
  • Dark / Chocolate Brown
  • Slate / Black
Each Kit also contains a two powders, a brush, six
 brow stencils and easy to follow instruction booklet.

The Fab Brow kit aims to help you create the semi permanent brows which have great shape, colour and definition. The product is smudge proof, sweat proof, water proof and stays on for up to 24 hours. I must admit I am not normally a fan of brow kits which do not have a gel to set the powder but with this kit you really do not need one once the brows are on they are there to stay. I love the pigments of the powders in the kit as they blend easily but are also very buildable so you can create various looks. I think there is a great range of shades because being blonde with dark brows I normally find that blonde brow kits are too light and brown brow kits are too dark but being able to blend these powders makes the colours perfect for me. I love the durability of the product because once I have applied my brows I do not want them moving around on my face making this the perfect kit for holidays. The brow stencils included in the kit help you create a range of different brow looks suitable for day and night.
 What makes this kit amazing is the great price it really is value for money find it here:

Fab Brows Contour Kit - RRP £20:

We all struggle with something and my beauty struggle is contour. It is something I really want to learn to master but I want to start off with a kit that is easy to use while I develop my ability to contour. This Fab contour trio really is easy to use and it will help you to sculpt and define your natural features.

The kit includes:
  • Highlight powder
  • Contour powder
  • Define powder
  • Angled contour brush
  • Step by step guide instructions
What really makes this kit so easy to use is the step by step guide it comes with because without this I wouldn't have a clue where to start so this is a great help and one of the things that makes this kit special. The powders are good quality and very blend able which is needed when it comes to contour. The only thing I am not keen on is the brush that the kit comes with its to soft to blend the contour something a little stiffer would have been better. This kit is a great price and perfect for any contour beginner. It will help you create supermodel look in no time. 

Check out this kit here:

What is your favourite brow product?
What part of your beauty routine do you struggle with?

A huge thanks to Holly at Catalyst PR for sending me these great products to review :)

Thats all for now .... Amber xox

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1 comment

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