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With Autumn in full swing out come the candles from the closet to help warm the home. So when I was informed that Yankee Candle had launched newest Autumn collection I couldn't wait to try it. When the cold nights draw in I love to have candles burning all around the house to create that homely cosy feeling. 

The Autumn range is called Harvest Time and the candles in this range
really do help you to create the perfect Autumnal setting. The range consists of four new scents and I think there is something for everyone. The new scents are available in various sizes and I was lucky enough to receive small jars of them all to review.

The four new scents are:
  • Autumn Night
  • Honey Clementine 
  • Ebony and Oak
  • Rhubarb Crumble
Check out the Harvest time range here:

Autumn Night - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

I am in love with scent and could literally sit and smell it all day long. It is classed as a "FRESH" scent and it does make me think of a crisp Autumn night when I smell it. The scent has an earthiness to it with undertones of lavender and woodland notes. 

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Bergamont, Grapefruit and Black Peppercorn
  • Middle - Lavendar and Maple lead
  • Base - Vetiver and Oak
Honey Clementine - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

I love the twist on this classic candle scent. When you normally think of an orange scented candle it is very citrusey but with the added honey it takes a sweet twist. This scent is actually a perfect filler candle if you like because it is an almost Christmasy scent but without the spice. So if you are wanting something to burn in between Autumn and Winter before you go out and grab your Christmas scents then get this. This is a sweet fruity scent and is classed as a "FRUIT" scent.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Orange Peel
  • Middle - Clementine
  • Base - Honey
Ebony and Oak - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

This scent really is Autumn in a jar it has a crisp pine/woodland fragrance. It really reminded me of a winter walk in the woods. This is also classed as a "FRESH" scent and it is very woody as oak, pine and ebony create the perfect woodland fragrance.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:
  • TOP - Pine Bough, Eucalyptus
  • Middle -  Ebony, Lavender
  • Base -  Oak, Cedarwood, Patchouli

Rhubarb Crumble - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

This scent is perfect for the kitchen as it smells like you have just removed a freshly baked rhubarb crumble from the oven. You can smell the delicious rhubarb, tasty brown sugar and warm vanilla. It is good enough to eat. This scent is part of the "FOOD and SPICE" range.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Apple, Rhubarb
  • Middle -  Raspberry
  • Base -  Brown Sugar, Vanilla
Thanks to Charlotte for sending me these gorgeous candles to review as my house is going to smell amazing and feel cosy warm.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent? 

That's all for now .... Amber xox 

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