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When winter begins to roll in out comes the mug out of the  cupboard as a perfect cup of tea is much needed. If your anything like me that perfect cup of tea is not complete without some tasty biscuits. While in London I connected with a brand know as Walkers Shortbread. Walkers Shortbread are known for their shortbread hence the name; as when the company was founded in 1898 they aimed to create the world's finest shortbread. Since then the brand has developed and they now do lots of other products such as biscuits, so when I was asked if I would like to try them I couldn't say no!. They have a great range of flavours; there really is something for everyone and they are a great price. The company was kind enough to let me choose six boxes of their biscuits to review. Each packet contains 8 biscuits and they retail for between £1.80 - £2.20.

You can check out their website here: 

White Chocolate and Raspberry Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

These biscuits are super tasty and baked using the finest ingredients including yummy raspberries and delicious white chocolate chunks. They make the perfect biscuit for a snack or to dunk in your tea. I love the fact you can taste the bitterness of the raspberries being sweetened out by the white chocolate. These biscuits have the perfect crunch and you can taste the quality of the ingredients. 

Crispy Toffee and Chocolate Biscuits - RRP £2.20:

These biscuits have a real crunch which is balanced out by the smooth milk chocolate on the base. The biscuits contain crispy toffee pieces and are dipped in smooth Belgian milk chocolate. These biscuits taste of luxury and I love to enjoy them with a hot chocolate in fact these would make the perfect treat for a festive snack such as on Christmas eve.

Treacle Toffee Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

These biscuits unfortunately weren't for me there was nothing wrong with the taste I just don't like treacle biscuits regardless of brand. I did however get my Grandad to try them and he loves treacle and he couldn't get enough. He said they made the perfect accompaniment to his cup of tea. These biscuits are rich and dark treacle biscuits with chunky toffee pieces. 

Extremely Chocolatey Cookies :

These are my favourites and once you start eating them it is really difficult to stop they are so moreish. I think they are everyone else's favourites too because they are currently out of stock on the website. The contain a mix dark, milk and white large chocolate chunks and just have that crumbly melt in mouth texture. I devoured these with a delicious glass of cold milk.

Oatflake and Honey Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

Another one of my favourites which are perfect with any hot drink or a glass of ice cold milk. These are just super tasty and are packed with oats and honey. They have a delicious crumbly texture and are an all butter biscuit. These are the perfect biscuit to eat with nice hot mug of Horlicks or Ovaltine. 

Hazelnut and Chocolate Chunk Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

I love hazelnut and when it is combined with chocolate it is utterly delicious. So when I got to taste these little beauties I was super excited they are the perfect biscuit combination for me. They contain big pieces of hazelnut and large chocolate chunks into a super tasty and crumbly cookie biscuit. They have the perfect combination of crunch and crumble.

I have really enjoyed trying these biscuits and really recommend you guys take a look at the Walkers Shortbread website. I want to say a huge thank you to Charlotte at Popcorn PR for sending me these out to try as I have really enjoyed them.

What's your favourite biscuit flavour?

That's all for now, Amber xox

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