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Winter may be rolling in but this doesn't mean that I will stop tanning. Everyone likes to have that bronzed sun kissed skin look and for me I like to have it all year round. Being blonde means I have a lighter natural skin tone so fake tan comes in handy as it does the job without the sun damage. Bondi Sands are a fake tan brand that I discovered at the beginning of the year when I managed to pick up one of their gift sets on offer in Superdrug and I have fallen in LOVE with the brand ever since for a number  of reasons. After discovering their range it didn't take long for them to become my favourite fake tan brand. 

Tanning is something that is important to me as I have tend to have the same problem that most people do when it comes to putting on a dress  or anything that involves having my legs out. My legs look like I've never been on holiday in my life although I've done more travel than a lot of people my age have and it becomes a classic case of hello "MILK BOTTLES". When attending any event or going out for a meal with the family I feel slightly embarrassed to have them on display without tan. Hence another reason why I like to tan. I have tried a fair amount of tans in my time but have really struggled to find one that fully suits my needs there always seems to be something that isn't quite right. It might be the scent is too overpowering or it apply's great but looks streaky once dry or worst case scenario I look like I've been tangoed like a giant orange. 

Bondi Sands is a tan which was originally created in Australia hence why it is known as the Australian tan. Bondi beach in Australia inspired the name as the company set out to create the ultimate tan that is accessible to everyone. They use salon quality formulas to ensure that you get an even and naturally golden tan. They create award winning tan that apply's great and smells great. 

The products in the Bondi Sand range are all enriched with a coconut scent so no more smelling like a ginger biscuit. All the products in the Bondi Sands range are a reasonable price and are in line with other ranges on the high-street. Bondi Sands is available in most high street stores as well as on their own website:

Self Tanning Foam - Light/Medium - 200ML - RRP £14.99:

This is the first product in the Bondi Sands range that I tried and it didn't disappoint was the self tanning foam which comes in two shades either light/medium or dark. Being a lighter skin tone I chose to try the light/medium tan and this shade is perfect for me for a natural looking tan. If I wanted a more bronzed look I probably could get away with the dark foam. This product is one of my favourites and is truly one of the best fake tan foams I have ever used. This foam has won multiple awards and never fails to give a smooth, even and streak free tan. This product like all of the Bondi Sands range is enriched with coconut meaning your not left smelling like a ginger biscuit instead you smell like you have been on holiday to a tropical island. The product also contains aloe vera making for a lightweight foam and easy application. I have tried other high street products at a cheaper price point but they just don't offer the same quality as this product as it's well worth the extra money.

Self Tanning Oil Liquid Gold - 150ML - RRP £14.99

The second product from the range which I decided to give a try as I loved the concept. Liquid Gold is a self tanning dry oil which is super easy to apply and it gives the most beautiful tan. This product really is a game changer for me because I do love their foam but I also sometimes want a product that I can basically throw on and go. Liquid Gold is that product!. You spray it on and it comes out like a mist - the mist is comes out brown so you can easily see which means not streaky accidents. This means you can easily see any bits you may have missed allowing you to be able to go back over them. This tan dries in minutes literally 3 minutes to be exact and your done ready to go. No more sitting around in the nude like an idiot waiting for your tan to dry so it doesn't go blotchy or transfer to your clothes. Again this product has that signature coconut scent, it is also infused with Argan oil. It is their longest lasting tan product but it doesn't come in a shade choice. It does give a darker tan than the foam but even with my complexion it still works fine. I love the ease of this product and that holiday glow look I get from using it. This tan also develops with wear time over 2-3 hours of wear. Another Bondi Sands product well worth the price tag. In the UK this product is a Boots exclusive and can only be purchased from in store or their website here:

Self Tanning Lotion - Light/Medium - RRP £14.99:

When tanning I have always been one to stick to foams as you can see exactly what your doing and to many peoples surprise I have had any disasters with a foam yet. I have never found a tanning lotion that I can get away with as they always tend to end up looking patchy once dry on my skin. So when I got sent this by the Bondi Sands to try I was interested to give it a go since I love every other product I have used. I must admit it did make me nervous the thought of possibly having another lotion tan disaster. Upon opening this product and reading the reviews online I was pleasantly surprised as the product isn't clear or a milky colour like expected its brown. Opening the product to discover the brown product really intrigued me because every lotion I have used in the past I haven't really been able to see what I am rubbing into the skin but didn't have any problems with this. I am proud to say this is the first tanning lotion that I LOVE because I can see exactly what I am applying making it easy for me to correct what could have been streaky disasters. Another great thing about this product is that it also dries in a matter of minutes like the oil meaning your not waiting around for your tan to dry.

Huge thanks to Hayley and the team at Bondi Sands for sending me over the foam and lotion for me to try out. 

What type of Tan do you like to use? and Which brand is your fave?

That's all for now.... Amber xox

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