Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review:

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A while ago I got in touch with a company called Moroccan Oil. The company stocks a range hair and body beauty items. All of the products in the companies range are infused with the miracle product that is argan oil. I chose to try out one of their shampoo and conditioners. As you guys know I have very blonde hair almost platinum and with dyed hair comes consequence of hair damage. I have been trying to get my hair in better condition as I want it to grow. That is why I have gone more ombre of late and decided to grow my roots out as it means less dyeing my hair so less hair damage. I have tried lots of shampoos and conditioners that claim to help with hair damage but haven't really found one I love until I chose to try out the Moroccan Oil repair shampoo and conditioner. I love the packaging of the products as they are bold and eye-catching.

Check out all their products here:

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo 250ml: 

This product is amazing and does exactly what it says it does. The product aims to help repair weakened and damaged hair and after using it for around 3 weeks my hair is miles better condition. The shampoo is a cleansing and fortifying formula which leaves hair feeling super clean. The formula is also antioxidant rich which helps to rebuild damaged hair follicles. The argan oil helps to reniforce keratin and fatty acids. All of this improves elasticity and shine. The formula helps to repair damaged hair and rebuild split ends.
When applying the shampoo I was surprised with how little product you need as it foams up really well. The product smells amazing and this smell sticks around for days after your was originally washed. 

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner 250ml: 

I was so impressed by this formula as when I opened the bottle it was a really thick conditioner and sometimes with my hair thick conditioners can leave my hair greasy. I couldn't believe how nourished my hair felt and not at all greasy. This formula helps to detangle and condition hair due to the antioxidant-rich argan oil in it. The kertain and fatty acids help to make hair more workable after its been washed. I sometimes find with some conditioners that hair is very difficult to style after washing but didn't have any problems with styling my hair while using this product. 

Where to Buy ?

Moroccan Oil is a salon exclusive brand but you can find which salons near you stock the brand by accessing their website via mobile and clicking on their salon locator.  I also managed to find a twin pack of the above shampoo and conditioner on Feel Unique but they are 500ml bottles and you get a free gift - they are currently retailing for £39.90 

see the link below:

Whats your favourite shampoo and conditioner?

Thats all for now

Amber xox :)
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  1. Moroccan oil is used in hair and skin treatment. This oil is maintains healthy hair, restores already-damaged hair, aids in hair growth and increases hair moisture simultaneously.