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I have been trying to be healthier of late and try to find snacks that are guilt free. In the last couple of years popcorn has become an increasingly popular snack. I recently contacted a company known as ProperCorn who launched in 2011 the company is run by two best friends and aims to provide popcorn that is both delicious and guilt free. They have the tag line "done properly" attached to their logo as they aim to make sure every part of business is done correctly from manufacturing the product to designing the packing.  The company kindly posted me one pack of every flavour in their range. The posted me out the small individual packs which retail at around 75p per pack. I think this popcorn is worth the price as its super tasty and around the same price as other leading brands. The popcorn is also gluten and wheat free. 

You can purchase their popcorn either from their website below in large batches or from local supermarkets such as Tesco.

Sweet and Salty 30g bag - RRP 75p:

This is the first bag I opened as I knew it was going to be my favourite. When I first heard about mixed sweet and salty popcorn I thought the idea was crazy... until I tried it and now I can't get enough. Ive tried lots of brands variation of this popcorn flavour but I  must admit I really like this one. The sweet and salty flavour is a perfect combination of sea salt and brown sugar. I love this as a guilt free snack as its only 129 calories for a 30g bag and its great if you have a sweet tooth as it helps to curb a craving. (suitable for vegans). 

Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun-Dried Tomato 20g bag - RRP 75p:

When I first opened the box that the company had sent me I was interested to see this flavour as it was very different from flavours I had seen from similar companies. I am one of those people who is a great believer that popcorn can be both sweet and savory and be delicious either way. This popcorn is seasoned perfectly with Worcester sauce, you just get a hint of chilli which hits your taste buds in every bite. The chilli was a nice touch as it gives a kick of extra flavour but it isnt too overpowering. I again love the fact that I can snack guilt free on this delicious savory snack which is only 93 calories a bag. (suitable for vegans).

Lightly Salted 20g bag - RRP 75p:

I love a classic popcorn flavour and this delivered. In this case less is more really works. The popcorn is lightly seasoned with the perfect amount of sea salt making for the perfect savory snack. This bag is only 88 calories a bag and is worth everyone of those calories. (suitable for vegans).

Smooth Peanut and Almond 20g bag - RRP 75p:

When I first saw this flavour I thought it was an interesting concept. I thought it a very unique flavour, different to that of other brands which made it stand out. I love peanuts and almond so what a great combination. This popcorn brings together those flavours to create a smooth mix of peanut and almond. The taste profile is great and super yummy. This made for a great treat on my lunch break at work. This packet contains 120 calories. (suitable for vegans).

Sweet Coconut and Vanilla 25g bag - RRP 75p:

I love coconut and vanilla so when you put them together in a popcorn you get a sweet tooth's dream. The flavour of this popcorn is delicious and great as a sweet treat without all the calories as its only 121 calories a bag. This popcorn brings together the perfect sprinkle of coconut with a dash of Madagascan vanilla. (suitable for veggies).

Sour Cream and Black Pepper 20g bag - RRP 75p:

I love sour cream whether it be in dip form or as a flavouring on crisps. So when I seen Propercorn had made a sour cream flavour popcorn I couldn't wait to try it and it didn't disappoint. This popcorn is perfectly seasoned with a good blend of creamy spring onions and cracked black pepper. I love this this flavour and it makes for the perfect snack on movie night when I have friends over as they love it to. This flavour is only 88 calories per bag and suitable for veggies.

What would your favorite flavour be ? 

Thats all for now... Amber xox
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