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Hey Everyone, I'm back with another review. After taking a little time out from writing blog posts, I thought it was time that i got back to it. I got in touch with a gorgeous fairly new company called Coconut Lane. This site fits me perfectly as it is filled with quirky quotes and beautiful jewelry. They have a great selection of home-ware and accessories at affordable prices. They also supplied me with a great discount code for all you readers which allows you 20% off their website every time you purchase something.

Code for 20% off: conyersgirl20

Access their website here:


The first section I looked at when coming across the website was the wall art section. I love quotes and I am always looking for more to decorate my room. This is my favorite section of the whole website as it is packed with quirky quotes. There where two pieces of wall art that quickly caught my attention and they basically put themselves in my basket as there was no way i was leaving the site without purchasing them. The first print that i seen and had to have was the "I'm a blogger. What's your superpower?" I just found this relatable and slightly comical and a bargain as all the wall art prints are only £6 each or £4.80 with my discount code. The other print I just could not say no to says "What would Beyonce do?" everyone is well aware how much I adore Beyonce so this print was perfect for me to frame and put in my bedroom. All the wall art prints are printed on to very high quality luxury card and you even get a choice of font.


This may sound random but I love quirky things and that love stretches to quirky printed socks. They have a great selection of printed socks on their website including celebrities like Justin Bieber and Channing Tatum and cute prints like ice cream and unicorns. I scrolled along this section and nearly jumped out my seat when I seen Queen B printed on socks, so to match my Beyonce wall art I just had to have them. I think these are a really good price at £4.50 a pair as in places like Primark you would pay a similar price but with my discount code they only work out at £3.60. I love the websites description on these socks it gave me a giggle "Queen B on your socks, Life is complete right?". The socks are trainer socks and fit sizes 4-7. The print on them is really good quality and they feel like they are made from a good quality material.


They have a beautiful selection of jewelry on their website, I actually found it difficult to place an order without putting it all in my basket... its all so pretty :)!. I wasn't really sure what I wanted until I stumbled upon a gorgeous silver anklet with a crescent moon attached to it. I really wanted a nice delicate anklet and this fitted what I was looking for. Its great for summer and looks lovely with sandles; great for a boho look. The anklet is priced at £7.50 or £6.00 with the discount code. I did think this was a little pricey at first until the item arrived and I seen how good the quality of the item was. I want more of their anklets to last me all summer and everyone always asks me where I purchased this from.

I'm in love with this website and will order more items in the future :)!

Thats all for now .... Amber xox

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