Everyone always says diamonds are a girls best friend but I would argue that flowers are. So when Bloom and Wild offered to send me one of their beautiful bouquets I couldn't refuse. Bloom and Wild offer a letterbox flower delivery service. 

The gorgeous bouquets of flowers are hand packed in delicate netting to ensure that the flowers are kept safe in transportation. The flowers are then boxed in a cute cardboard box which is perfect to fit through the letterbox. The flowers are sent in bud so when they arrive they begin to bloom; meaning they last longer. The box contains care instructions and plant food to keep the flowers blooming for 7 days or more. Bloom and Wild also offer a subscription service which I will discuss in more detail below along with information on the beautiful bouquet they sent me. 

My Bouquet - The Charlie - RRP £20.00: 

When I first opened up my box of flowers and saw this beautiful combination of fresh colours; I immediately fell in love with it. The green, yellow and white colour scheme compliments each other perfectly. The flowers are a cheerful bouquet of sunshine-yellow alstroemerias, santini chrysanthemums and craspedia. The bouquet contains a great balance of flowers and foliage. This bouquet will bring sunshine into any home. This bouquet retails at £20 with free delivery and it is worth every penny. I have had this bouquet for nearly 2 weeks and it is still going strong and looks beautiful sat on my windowsill. 

Bloom and Wild Subscription Service:

One of the great things about Bloom and Wild is that they also offer a subscription service. So you can select the amount of time you can be subscribed for so anything up to a year and you can choose how often you send flowers anything to weekly up to monthly. Prices vary depending on selected bouquets but it's a really nice service to offer.

To find out more about Bloom and Wild Flowers go check out their website:

What's your favourite flower?

Thats all for now.... Amber xox :)



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I recently got asked to take part in an exciting opportunity. A company called Monty Bojangles got in touch and asked me if I wanted to review a box of their truffles. They also wanted me to inform you of an amazing competition they are running which I will talk about at the end of my review. The company posted me large box of their assorted truffle flavours which I couldn't wait to try. 

visit their website here:

Taste Adventure Truffle Assortment 315g - RRP £10.00:

Find this box here:

The box contains six different flavour truffles each individually wrapped. The flavours included are:
  • Choccy Scoffy - purple packaging
  • Cookie Moon - blue packaging
  • Orange Angelical - orange packaging
  • Scrumple Nutty - yellow packaging
  • Berry Bubbly - pink packaging
  • Flutter Scotch - light blue packaging
These truffles come in beautiful packaging and are great to share with friends or perfect for a gift. They are perfect for any chocoholic and won the great taste award in 2015.

Choccy Scoffy Truffle:

This truffle is a little piece of chocolate heaven. It has that melt in mouth texture. It creates a intense chocolate flavour which isn't to rich and it's super creamy. These chocolate truffles have a perfect intense chocolate flavour and they are dusted to perfection with cocoa powder.

Cookie Moon Truffle:

This is one of my favourites super moreish and so tasty. This truffle is a perfect combination of chocolate and cookie pieces. The truffle contains buttery cookie bits and adds a little crunch to the texture. They taste amazing and are finished off with a nice dusting of cocoa powder.

Orange Angelical Truffle:

This is my favourite truffle as I love chocolate orange. This truffle is divine and pairs the perfect intense chocolate flavour with candied orange pieces. I could sit and eat these all day long. 

Scrumple Nutty Truffle:

This Truffle combines chocolate and hazelnut for a nutty delight. The truffle has toasted hazel pieces swirled through the chocolate. They taste a little like ferreo rochers but better :). Perfect for any nutty chocolate lover. 

Berry Bubbly Truffle:

This truffle has a fruity berry flavour with swirls of popping candy. It creates a flavour explosion for your taste buds. This definitely is different but tastes amazing and really tickles your taste buds.

 Flutter Scotch Truffle:

A great combination of chocolate and butterscotch pieces with a hint of sea salt makes for a excellent flavour profile. Super yummy and very creamy.

Monty Moment Competition:

We’re going on a new Monty adventure and we need your help!
Michelin-starred chef, Mark Sergeant, is our new Chief Taste Advisor and together we have developed three unique truffle flavours to tickle your taste buds.
The catch? 
Only one flavour will secure a permanent home here at Monty Bojangles HQ. This is where you come in. Your opinion is very important to us and we’re counting on you to vote for your favourite flavour by clicking below.
As a little thank you for voting, we’ll enter you in to a draw to win a year’s supply of your favourite truffle flavours! 
Go on, be a part of the next #MontyMoment

There are two ways to enter the competition either visit this page on their website:

Or on twitter: 



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I have been trying to be healthier of late and try to find snacks that are guilt free. In the last couple of years popcorn has become an increasingly popular snack. I recently contacted a company known as ProperCorn who launched in 2011 the company is run by two best friends and aims to provide popcorn that is both delicious and guilt free. They have the tag line "done properly" attached to their logo as they aim to make sure every part of business is done correctly from manufacturing the product to designing the packing.  The company kindly posted me one pack of every flavour in their range. The posted me out the small individual packs which retail at around 75p per pack. I think this popcorn is worth the price as its super tasty and around the same price as other leading brands. The popcorn is also gluten and wheat free. 

You can purchase their popcorn either from their website below in large batches or from local supermarkets such as Tesco.

Sweet and Salty 30g bag - RRP 75p:

This is the first bag I opened as I knew it was going to be my favourite. When I first heard about mixed sweet and salty popcorn I thought the idea was crazy... until I tried it and now I can't get enough. Ive tried lots of brands variation of this popcorn flavour but I  must admit I really like this one. The sweet and salty flavour is a perfect combination of sea salt and brown sugar. I love this as a guilt free snack as its only 129 calories for a 30g bag and its great if you have a sweet tooth as it helps to curb a craving. (suitable for vegans). 

Fiery Worcester Sauce and Sun-Dried Tomato 20g bag - RRP 75p:

When I first opened the box that the company had sent me I was interested to see this flavour as it was very different from flavours I had seen from similar companies. I am one of those people who is a great believer that popcorn can be both sweet and savory and be delicious either way. This popcorn is seasoned perfectly with Worcester sauce, you just get a hint of chilli which hits your taste buds in every bite. The chilli was a nice touch as it gives a kick of extra flavour but it isnt too overpowering. I again love the fact that I can snack guilt free on this delicious savory snack which is only 93 calories a bag. (suitable for vegans).

Lightly Salted 20g bag - RRP 75p:

I love a classic popcorn flavour and this delivered. In this case less is more really works. The popcorn is lightly seasoned with the perfect amount of sea salt making for the perfect savory snack. This bag is only 88 calories a bag and is worth everyone of those calories. (suitable for vegans).

Smooth Peanut and Almond 20g bag - RRP 75p:

When I first saw this flavour I thought it was an interesting concept. I thought it a very unique flavour, different to that of other brands which made it stand out. I love peanuts and almond so what a great combination. This popcorn brings together those flavours to create a smooth mix of peanut and almond. The taste profile is great and super yummy. This made for a great treat on my lunch break at work. This packet contains 120 calories. (suitable for vegans).

Sweet Coconut and Vanilla 25g bag - RRP 75p:

I love coconut and vanilla so when you put them together in a popcorn you get a sweet tooth's dream. The flavour of this popcorn is delicious and great as a sweet treat without all the calories as its only 121 calories a bag. This popcorn brings together the perfect sprinkle of coconut with a dash of Madagascan vanilla. (suitable for veggies).

Sour Cream and Black Pepper 20g bag - RRP 75p:

I love sour cream whether it be in dip form or as a flavouring on crisps. So when I seen Propercorn had made a sour cream flavour popcorn I couldn't wait to try it and it didn't disappoint. This popcorn is perfectly seasoned with a good blend of creamy spring onions and cracked black pepper. I love this this flavour and it makes for the perfect snack on movie night when I have friends over as they love it to. This flavour is only 88 calories per bag and suitable for veggies.

What would your favorite flavour be ? 

Thats all for now... Amber xox


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Hey Everyone, I'm back with another review. After taking a little time out from writing blog posts, I thought it was time that i got back to it. I got in touch with a gorgeous fairly new company called Coconut Lane. This site fits me perfectly as it is filled with quirky quotes and beautiful jewelry. They have a great selection of home-ware and accessories at affordable prices. They also supplied me with a great discount code for all you readers which allows you 20% off their website every time you purchase something.

Code for 20% off: conyersgirl20

Access their website here:


The first section I looked at when coming across the website was the wall art section. I love quotes and I am always looking for more to decorate my room. This is my favorite section of the whole website as it is packed with quirky quotes. There where two pieces of wall art that quickly caught my attention and they basically put themselves in my basket as there was no way i was leaving the site without purchasing them. The first print that i seen and had to have was the "I'm a blogger. What's your superpower?" I just found this relatable and slightly comical and a bargain as all the wall art prints are only £6 each or £4.80 with my discount code. The other print I just could not say no to says "What would Beyonce do?" everyone is well aware how much I adore Beyonce so this print was perfect for me to frame and put in my bedroom. All the wall art prints are printed on to very high quality luxury card and you even get a choice of font.


This may sound random but I love quirky things and that love stretches to quirky printed socks. They have a great selection of printed socks on their website including celebrities like Justin Bieber and Channing Tatum and cute prints like ice cream and unicorns. I scrolled along this section and nearly jumped out my seat when I seen Queen B printed on socks, so to match my Beyonce wall art I just had to have them. I think these are a really good price at £4.50 a pair as in places like Primark you would pay a similar price but with my discount code they only work out at £3.60. I love the websites description on these socks it gave me a giggle "Queen B on your socks, Life is complete right?". The socks are trainer socks and fit sizes 4-7. The print on them is really good quality and they feel like they are made from a good quality material.


They have a beautiful selection of jewelry on their website, I actually found it difficult to place an order without putting it all in my basket... its all so pretty :)!. I wasn't really sure what I wanted until I stumbled upon a gorgeous silver anklet with a crescent moon attached to it. I really wanted a nice delicate anklet and this fitted what I was looking for. Its great for summer and looks lovely with sandles; great for a boho look. The anklet is priced at £7.50 or £6.00 with the discount code. I did think this was a little pricey at first until the item arrived and I seen how good the quality of the item was. I want more of their anklets to last me all summer and everyone always asks me where I purchased this from.

I'm in love with this website and will order more items in the future :)!

Thats all for now .... Amber xox

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