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Me Me Me are a make up brand which offer amazing quality products for an affordable price or as they like to say they offer "affordable luxury". They also take pride in the fact that non of their products are tested on animals. 

Check out their website here:

They have launched a gorgeous eye shadow palette which I was lucky enough to be sent to review. Along with so other goodies including a mascara and eye liner so I could create the perfect eye look.

The Ultimate Eye Palette - Soft Rose RRP £15.00:

This palette is truly stunning. When I opened the package I had received this just really stood out it looks gorgeous and the packaging really speaks of luxury and elegance. The palette contains eight shades which are inspired by current trends and the packaging means it can be used for travel. The shades in this palette really speak to me as I think there is something for everyone and that so many great eye looks could be made from the combination of colours. There is also a combination of matte and shimmer shades. The quality of these shadows is excellent and they are highly pigment with good colour payoff. You also get a  great big  mirror another great feature for travel and a dual ended applicator brush. I love this palette and cannot wait to try more from their range.

Dark and Divine Mascara RRP £9.00:

Another great product. I am really fussy with mascaras and have never found one I want to stick with and continue using. I was pleasantly surprised by this product as I wasn't sure how it would work on my lashes but the beautiful gold packaging drew me in. The formula is amazing it helps to deliver longer,fuller and bolder lashes. I love the brush as it makes it easy to define all lashes including the lower lash line. It is difficult to find a mascara that delivers what it says it will but this one gets a big thumbs up from me.

Eye Sweep - Precision Eye Definer RRP £8.95:

This is my new favorite eyeliner as it is so precise and easy to use. I have become a lover of the cat eye and tend to now do this look as part of my everyday make up but in order to do this you need a great eye liner. I love everything about this product from the packaging to the jet black colour pay off. It now makes the task of doing my cat eye look less of a task and more of an enjoyable experience as I don't have to worry about smudging eye liner all over my face. This product also wears really well on a daily basis  and will last all day.

What is  your favourite eye make up product?

Thanks to Stacey for sending these out to me to review :).

Thats all for now ... Amber xo



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Winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner. This means time to go shopping for some new festive candles to light up and fill the home with Christmas cheer. As every year Yankee Candle have launched some new festive scents which I couldnt wait to get my hands on. When the cold nights draw in I love to have candles burning all around the house to create that homely cosy feeling. 

The new festive range is called Holiday Party and the candles in this range
really do help you to create the perfect festive feeling. The range consists of four new scents and I think there is something for everyone. The new scents are available in various sizes and I was lucky enough to receive small jars of them all to review.

The four new scents are:
  • Festive Cocktail
  • Star Anise and Orange
  • Macaron Treats
  • All is Bright
Check out the Holiday Party range here:

Festive Cocktail - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

I am in love with scent its both fresh and fruity. This is the perfect combination of fruity winter berries with a hint of freshly picked pine.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Citrus, Cranberry and Blackcurrant
  • Middle - Pine
  • Base - Vanilla
Star Anise and Orange - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

This scent isn't for everyone and unfortunately isn't one for me. If you like licorice you will love this. It has a strong licorice scent with an orange undertone but the licorice is too overpowering for me. I can imagine this scent is a little like marmite you either love it or hate it.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Juicy Orange, Anise Mandarin
  • Middle -  Clove
  • Base -  Sandlewood, Vanilla
Macaron Treats - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

This scent is perfect for the kitchen as it smells like you have just created your own french delights. This candle smells good enough to eat. The classic Parisian macaron-sweet as can be and lighter than air, with notes of vanilla, almond and, of course, sugar.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Raw Sugar, Confectioner'S Sugar
  • Middle -  Cookie, Almond
  • Base - Vanilla

All is Bright - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

I really like this scent and love the festive name. This is a fresh and musky scent with citrus undertones. A blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on warm musk.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Grapefruit and Orange
  • Middle -  Red Currant
  • Base -  Sweet Musk

Thanks to Charlotte for sending me these gorgeous candles to review as my house is going to smell amazing and feel cosy warm.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent? 

That's all for now .... Amber xox 




I was recently sent a couple of new beauty products to try from a brand known as Fab Brows they do brow kits and also have ventured into contour kits. I was sent both these products to review. The products arrived beautifully in luxurious gold packaging which is very sturdy may I add.

Check out their products here:

Fab Brows Duo Brow Kit - Light/Medium - RRP £20:

Brows some would argue they are the most important feature on your face as when groomed correctly they really can take years off you. Over the last couple of years brows have become a massive part of the beauty market with so many brands launching brow products and brow kits. I believe that now a beauty collection isn't complete without at least one products. Your brows help to frame your face so it is crucial they are applied and tended to correctly.

The Fab brow kit comes in three different shades:
  • Light / Medium Brown
  • Dark / Chocolate Brown
  • Slate / Black
Each Kit also contains a two powders, a brush, six
 brow stencils and easy to follow instruction booklet.

The Fab Brow kit aims to help you create the semi permanent brows which have great shape, colour and definition. The product is smudge proof, sweat proof, water proof and stays on for up to 24 hours. I must admit I am not normally a fan of brow kits which do not have a gel to set the powder but with this kit you really do not need one once the brows are on they are there to stay. I love the pigments of the powders in the kit as they blend easily but are also very buildable so you can create various looks. I think there is a great range of shades because being blonde with dark brows I normally find that blonde brow kits are too light and brown brow kits are too dark but being able to blend these powders makes the colours perfect for me. I love the durability of the product because once I have applied my brows I do not want them moving around on my face making this the perfect kit for holidays. The brow stencils included in the kit help you create a range of different brow looks suitable for day and night.
 What makes this kit amazing is the great price it really is value for money find it here:

Fab Brows Contour Kit - RRP £20:

We all struggle with something and my beauty struggle is contour. It is something I really want to learn to master but I want to start off with a kit that is easy to use while I develop my ability to contour. This Fab contour trio really is easy to use and it will help you to sculpt and define your natural features.

The kit includes:
  • Highlight powder
  • Contour powder
  • Define powder
  • Angled contour brush
  • Step by step guide instructions
What really makes this kit so easy to use is the step by step guide it comes with because without this I wouldn't have a clue where to start so this is a great help and one of the things that makes this kit special. The powders are good quality and very blend able which is needed when it comes to contour. The only thing I am not keen on is the brush that the kit comes with its to soft to blend the contour something a little stiffer would have been better. This kit is a great price and perfect for any contour beginner. It will help you create supermodel look in no time. 

Check out this kit here:

What is your favourite brow product?
What part of your beauty routine do you struggle with?

A huge thanks to Holly at Catalyst PR for sending me these great products to review :)

Thats all for now .... Amber xox



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The Chicken Shed are a delicious chocolate brand who create all natural chocolate bars in a range of unique flavours. They are a family run company who believe in creating tasty yet good for you chocolate. All of their chocolate bars are organic as they believe it is best we don't consume nasty pesticides. All of their chocolate bars contain no added sugar and use raw honey as a substitute sweetener; all the honey used is certified organic and fair traded.

Check out their website here:

Their chocolate bars are currently available in the flavours below:
  • Serious Dark Chocolate 73%
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon Spice
  • Cardamon
  • Lavender
  •  Orange
  • Persian Blue Salt
  • Liquorice
  • Honey and Bee Pollen
  • Mint and Camu Camu
  • Coffee and Brahmi
I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of their chocolate bars to try.

Organic Orange Chocolate Bar - RRP £3.25:

Chocolate combined with orange is always my favourite chocolate flavour so when I seen this bar I couldn't resist choosing it to try. This isn't your usual orange chocolate: this is marmalade in a bar. Organic orange peel is hand-scattered across our orange flavoured chocolate to create a starry-night effect and a delictable bitter-sweet combination. If you like marmalade, you will love this. This really is a different take on chocolate orange as you get a zesty tang from the orange peel but I do like this unusual take.

You can buy this chocolate bar from Not the Highstreet here:

Organic Vanilla Chocolate Bar - RRP £3.25:

Chocolate and vanilla an interesting flavour choice for a chocolate bar but it works as the vanilla adds a sweetness to the rich chocolate. A rather generous helping of Madagascan Bourbon vanilla packs a sweet punch in this chocolate bar. 

You can buy this chocolate bar from Not the Highstreet here:

These delicious artisan chocolate bars will be perfect for any chocolate lover and with all the different flavours there is to choose from there really is something for everyone.

A huge thanks to Isabel for sending me these delicious goodies to try :)

Which flavour bar would you like to try?

That's all for now ... Amber xox



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Now we are in November there have been lots of new fragrance launches over the past couple of months due to Christmas being around the corner. You can guarantee that nearly everyone has a new fragrance on their Christmas list. After having a browse through these new perfume releases a couple of them caught my eye and the Perfume Shop where kind enough to send me them to review. 

Check out all the fragrances below here:

Below is a break down of all the new fragrance releases from the last few months.

Autumn Launches - September 2016:

  • Michael Buble By Invitation (perfume shop exclusive) - EDP - Prices range from £29-£55 depending on bottle size
  • Chloe Fleur De Parfum - EDP - Prices range from £47-£82 depending on bottle size
  • Prada La Femme - EDP - Prices range from £49-£99 depending on bottle size
  • Beyonce Heat Seduction - EDT - 100ML £19.99
  • Chanel L'Eau - Prices range from £68-£96 depending on the bottle size
  • Coach the Fragrance - EDP - Prices range from £35-£69 depending on the bottle size
  • Zadig and Voltaire This is Her - EDP - 50ML £52
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Essence de Parfum - EDP - Prices range from £64-£89 depending on bottle size
  • Calvin Klein CK One Gold - EDT - 100ML £24.99
  • Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit - EDP - Prices range from £50-£99 depending on bottle size
  • Gucci Guilty Platinum - EDT - Prices range from £54-£68 depending on bottle size
  • DKNY Be Crystallized (fresh blossom or apple green) - EDP - 50ML £39
  • Lancome La Vie Est Belle Shimmer - EDP - 50ML £69
  • Alexander McQueen "McQueen" - EDP - Prices range from £55-£95 depending on bottle size
  • Armani Si Le Parfum - EDP- 40ML £115
  • Michael Kors Wonderlust - EDP - Prices range from £43-£74 depending on bottle size
  • Viktor and Rolf Bon Bon Couture - EDP - £57-£109 depending on bottle size

 Chloe Fleur de Parfum - Eau De Parfum:

This is one of the fragrances that the Perfume Shop where kind enough to send me. This fragrance is a bit of a different scent to what I would usually wear as I like sweet scents and this is more floral but I do like it. You can put a few sprays of this on and the scent lasts all day. I like that the floral scent isn't too overpowering as I sometimes find with flowery scents.

Description of the scent: 

A tender floral blend. Chloé Fleur de Parfum is a generous bouquet exclusively composed of the most tender and quintessential part of flowers, their hearts. The fundamental note comes from the rose heart. 
The heart of verbena flower adds a fresh and luminous verdant dimension while the heart of cherry blossom diffuses milky almond notes.

Scent Notes:

  • Top Notes - Rose Heart
  • Heart Notes - Verbena Flower Heart
  • Base Notes - Cherry Blossom Heart, Milky Almond Notes
Price Range:

  • 30ML - £47.00
  • 50ML - £65.00
  • 75ML - £82.00
Michael Kors Wonderlust - Eau De Parfum:

I am in LOVE with this scent it is gorgeous and different to anything I have smelled before. It has a really unique scent profile but there is something really sexy and romantic about it. It is a sweeter scent which is why I think I really like it it and it lingers on your skin all day once sprayed which I also look for in a perfume. It is really complex yet sexy scent.

Description of the scent: 

Captivating, confident and always sexy, Wonderlust evokes a life where beauty, impulse and sensuality set the tone. Deeply romantic, it’s a fragrance inspired by the unexpected, the unknown and the exotic. Anything is possible in this passionate world.

Scent Notes:

  • Top Notes - Italian Bergamot, Sicillian Mandarin, Almond Milk, Pink Pepper
  • Heart Notes - Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute, Dianthus, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Heliotrope
  • Base Notes - Cashmeran Wood, Benzoin Siam, Sandalwood Sri Lanka
Price Range:

  • 30ML - £43.00
  • 50ML - £62.00
  • 100ML - £74.00

I am loving all of these new fragrance launches and am so glad I got to try some. A huge thanks to Charlotte at Popcorn PR and The Perfume Shop for sending my these little beauties to try.

Whats your favourite perfume?

That's all for now, Amber xox 



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With Autumn in full swing out come the candles from the closet to help warm the home. So when I was informed that Yankee Candle had launched newest Autumn collection I couldn't wait to try it. When the cold nights draw in I love to have candles burning all around the house to create that homely cosy feeling. 

The Autumn range is called Harvest Time and the candles in this range
really do help you to create the perfect Autumnal setting. The range consists of four new scents and I think there is something for everyone. The new scents are available in various sizes and I was lucky enough to receive small jars of them all to review.

The four new scents are:
  • Autumn Night
  • Honey Clementine 
  • Ebony and Oak
  • Rhubarb Crumble
Check out the Harvest time range here:

Autumn Night - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

I am in love with scent and could literally sit and smell it all day long. It is classed as a "FRESH" scent and it does make me think of a crisp Autumn night when I smell it. The scent has an earthiness to it with undertones of lavender and woodland notes. 

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Bergamont, Grapefruit and Black Peppercorn
  • Middle - Lavendar and Maple lead
  • Base - Vetiver and Oak
Honey Clementine - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

I love the twist on this classic candle scent. When you normally think of an orange scented candle it is very citrusey but with the added honey it takes a sweet twist. This scent is actually a perfect filler candle if you like because it is an almost Christmasy scent but without the spice. So if you are wanting something to burn in between Autumn and Winter before you go out and grab your Christmas scents then get this. This is a sweet fruity scent and is classed as a "FRUIT" scent.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Orange Peel
  • Middle - Clementine
  • Base - Honey
Ebony and Oak - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

This scent really is Autumn in a jar it has a crisp pine/woodland fragrance. It really reminded me of a winter walk in the woods. This is also classed as a "FRESH" scent and it is very woody as oak, pine and ebony create the perfect woodland fragrance.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:
  • TOP - Pine Bough, Eucalyptus
  • Middle -  Ebony, Lavender
  • Base -  Oak, Cedarwood, Patchouli

Rhubarb Crumble - Small Jar Candle - RRP £8.99:

This scent is perfect for the kitchen as it smells like you have just removed a freshly baked rhubarb crumble from the oven. You can smell the delicious rhubarb, tasty brown sugar and warm vanilla. It is good enough to eat. This scent is part of the "FOOD and SPICE" range.

This candle contains the following fragrance notes:

  • TOP - Apple, Rhubarb
  • Middle -  Raspberry
  • Base -  Brown Sugar, Vanilla
Thanks to Charlotte for sending me these gorgeous candles to review as my house is going to smell amazing and feel cosy warm.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent? 

That's all for now .... Amber xox 



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After attending the Aldi Christmas in July event I left feeling excited by what was to come as all the beauty products at the event excelled what you would expect when you think about putting Aldi and a beauty range together. Aldi seemed to have really thrown itself into the development of it's beauty range and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.

I was recently sent the Lacura Cuvee Royale range to review. The Cuvee Royale range is a premium anti ageing skincare range without the huge price tag. Everything about the range screams out luxury and the products contain grape extracts which are also used in making champagne. Grape extract has been proven to help hydrate and improve the appearance of skin. The product's in the range also contain an ingredient known as QT40 which helps with skin renewal. QT40 can help with wrinkles and dry or dehydrated skin. To top all that off the range is also eco friendly as it is free from all the nasties such as parabens.

The range consists of three products:
  • Lacura Cuvée Royal Luminous Serum Concentrate, 50 ml (£7.99)
  • Lacura Cuvée Royal Intensive 24HR Cream Mousse, 50 ml (£7.99)
  • Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck & Décolleté Mousse (£7.99)
The full range is available online or instore:

 Lacura Cuvée Royal Luminous Serum Concentrate - 50 ml - RRP £7.99:

This serum concentrate is developed by experts to help combat the signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles. Firming skin and restoring elasticity. Boasting high-quality active ingredients and fine gold powder leaves. This leaves skin feeling refreshed and you don't get that overly sticky feeling once the product has sunk into the skin that you can get with some serums. 

Lacura Cuvée Royal Intensive 24HR Cream Mousse - 50 ml - RRP £7.99:

Rich cream mousse for demanding dry skin. Special active ingredients moisturise the skin and improve skin density, firmness and elasticity for a smoother, brighter complexion. Apply daily in the morning and the evening, massaging it gently into the skin. For the best results use this after the serum. This again left my skin feeling nourished and re-hydrated. I would only recommend using this product when your skin is dry otherwise it may sit a little to heavy on skin. This product would be perfect for anyone who suffers from dry skin.

Lacura Cuvée Royal Neck & Décolleté Mousse - 50ML - RRP £7.99:

Don’t just focus on your face – your neck and décolleté are just as important as they can be areas where we first start to notice ageing. This luxurious and nourishing cream is packed with high-quality active ingredients to firm, smooth, and moisturise this all-important area. Massage gently into your skin morning and night for a fabulous, fresh, feeling. This product works wonders when used alongside the serum they truly are the perfect skincare combination. This has a lighter texture than the other cream making it perfect for everyday use and it leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. 

I just love the luxurious feel that these product give off for such a bargain price point. The packaging is stunning and oozes luxury. Everything is well packaged to ensure that the product stays secure. Unfortunately these products are limited quantity as they are an Aldi special buy. I recommend you get your hands on them while you can!.

Thanks to Elen for sending me these products to try out :).

That's all for now, Amber xox



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When winter begins to roll in out comes the mug out of the  cupboard as a perfect cup of tea is much needed. If your anything like me that perfect cup of tea is not complete without some tasty biscuits. While in London I connected with a brand know as Walkers Shortbread. Walkers Shortbread are known for their shortbread hence the name; as when the company was founded in 1898 they aimed to create the world's finest shortbread. Since then the brand has developed and they now do lots of other products such as biscuits, so when I was asked if I would like to try them I couldn't say no!. They have a great range of flavours; there really is something for everyone and they are a great price. The company was kind enough to let me choose six boxes of their biscuits to review. Each packet contains 8 biscuits and they retail for between £1.80 - £2.20.

You can check out their website here: 

White Chocolate and Raspberry Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

These biscuits are super tasty and baked using the finest ingredients including yummy raspberries and delicious white chocolate chunks. They make the perfect biscuit for a snack or to dunk in your tea. I love the fact you can taste the bitterness of the raspberries being sweetened out by the white chocolate. These biscuits have the perfect crunch and you can taste the quality of the ingredients. 

Crispy Toffee and Chocolate Biscuits - RRP £2.20:

These biscuits have a real crunch which is balanced out by the smooth milk chocolate on the base. The biscuits contain crispy toffee pieces and are dipped in smooth Belgian milk chocolate. These biscuits taste of luxury and I love to enjoy them with a hot chocolate in fact these would make the perfect treat for a festive snack such as on Christmas eve.

Treacle Toffee Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

These biscuits unfortunately weren't for me there was nothing wrong with the taste I just don't like treacle biscuits regardless of brand. I did however get my Grandad to try them and he loves treacle and he couldn't get enough. He said they made the perfect accompaniment to his cup of tea. These biscuits are rich and dark treacle biscuits with chunky toffee pieces. 

Extremely Chocolatey Cookies :

These are my favourites and once you start eating them it is really difficult to stop they are so moreish. I think they are everyone else's favourites too because they are currently out of stock on the website. The contain a mix dark, milk and white large chocolate chunks and just have that crumbly melt in mouth texture. I devoured these with a delicious glass of cold milk.

Oatflake and Honey Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

Another one of my favourites which are perfect with any hot drink or a glass of ice cold milk. These are just super tasty and are packed with oats and honey. They have a delicious crumbly texture and are an all butter biscuit. These are the perfect biscuit to eat with nice hot mug of Horlicks or Ovaltine. 

Hazelnut and Chocolate Chunk Biscuits - RRP £1.80:

I love hazelnut and when it is combined with chocolate it is utterly delicious. So when I got to taste these little beauties I was super excited they are the perfect biscuit combination for me. They contain big pieces of hazelnut and large chocolate chunks into a super tasty and crumbly cookie biscuit. They have the perfect combination of crunch and crumble.

I have really enjoyed trying these biscuits and really recommend you guys take a look at the Walkers Shortbread website. I want to say a huge thank you to Charlotte at Popcorn PR for sending me these out to try as I have really enjoyed them.

What's your favourite biscuit flavour?

That's all for now, Amber xox



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Rococo is a luxury chocolate brand founded in London in 1983. The company have recently launched a range of chocolate bars inspired by author Roald Dahl. As part of the Roald Dahl 100 festivities, Rococo Chocolates has created this special range of Artisan bars celebrating  the genius of the world’s No.1 storyteller. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s incredible tales, each bar is Rococo’s flavourful take on key tastes from the books.

Chantal Coady OBE, founder, owner and creative director of Rococo chocolates, has been a lifelong fan of Roald Dahl ever since she was given the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by her father, who brought it back from New York in the ‘60s, when it was first published, and has had an formative influence on her life in chocolate ever since. 

There are 8 bars in the Roald Dahl range each inspired by a different book. The company where kind enough to send me four of the bars from the range. The bars retail at £5.95 on the Rococo website.

Check out the range here:

 Bruce Bogtrotter's Chocolate Fudge Cake Dark Chocolate Bar:

Inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’, this dark milk chocolate 55% cocoa bar has pieces of chocolate and vanilla fudge for an extra indulgent treat, just like Trunchbull’s cake. This chocolate bar is made from Rococo’s 65% cocoa house dark chocolate blended with caramel milk chocolate, with rich chocolate and vanilla fudge pieces and a hint of apricot. 

Rococo & Roald Dahl: Bean's Cider Milk Chocolate Bar:

Our Bean’s Cider bar, inspired by Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ is made from our own house blend of 40% cocoa milk chocolate, which contains cocoa beans from our own Grococo farm in northern Grenada, with apple. This chocolate bar is made from Rococo’s 40% cocoa house blend of creamy milk chocolate refreshingly infused with tart apple.  “Oh Foxy, it’s…like drinking sunbeams and rainbows!”.

Rococo & Roald Dahl: George's Marvellous Medicine White Chocolate Bar:

Inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, this creamy white chocolate bar is packed with the aniseed flavours of liquorice and fennel. This chocolate bar is made from White chocolate with liquorice and fennel seeds giving it a delicious and marvellously ‘medicinal’ twist. The perfect antidote!

Rococo & Roald Dahl: James' Scrumptious Peach White Chocolate Bar:

Inspired by 'James and the Giant Peach', this creamy white chocolate bar is packed with fruity peach flavour with chia seeds for a crunchy texture. This bar is made from Melt-in-the mouth creamy white chocolate bar is packed with fruity peach and scattered with chia seeds for an extra crunch.

I have loved trying these beautifully packaged chocolate bars and thank Britta at Gersten PR for sending me them to try.

Which was your favourite Roald Dahl storybook as a child? 

Do you have a favourite childhood story you would love to see turned into a chocolate bar?

That's all for for now, Amber xox :)



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Winter may be rolling in but this doesn't mean that I will stop tanning. Everyone likes to have that bronzed sun kissed skin look and for me I like to have it all year round. Being blonde means I have a lighter natural skin tone so fake tan comes in handy as it does the job without the sun damage. Bondi Sands are a fake tan brand that I discovered at the beginning of the year when I managed to pick up one of their gift sets on offer in Superdrug and I have fallen in LOVE with the brand ever since for a number  of reasons. After discovering their range it didn't take long for them to become my favourite fake tan brand. 

Tanning is something that is important to me as I have tend to have the same problem that most people do when it comes to putting on a dress  or anything that involves having my legs out. My legs look like I've never been on holiday in my life although I've done more travel than a lot of people my age have and it becomes a classic case of hello "MILK BOTTLES". When attending any event or going out for a meal with the family I feel slightly embarrassed to have them on display without tan. Hence another reason why I like to tan. I have tried a fair amount of tans in my time but have really struggled to find one that fully suits my needs there always seems to be something that isn't quite right. It might be the scent is too overpowering or it apply's great but looks streaky once dry or worst case scenario I look like I've been tangoed like a giant orange. 

Bondi Sands is a tan which was originally created in Australia hence why it is known as the Australian tan. Bondi beach in Australia inspired the name as the company set out to create the ultimate tan that is accessible to everyone. They use salon quality formulas to ensure that you get an even and naturally golden tan. They create award winning tan that apply's great and smells great. 

The products in the Bondi Sand range are all enriched with a coconut scent so no more smelling like a ginger biscuit. All the products in the Bondi Sands range are a reasonable price and are in line with other ranges on the high-street. Bondi Sands is available in most high street stores as well as on their own website:

Self Tanning Foam - Light/Medium - 200ML - RRP £14.99:

This is the first product in the Bondi Sands range that I tried and it didn't disappoint was the self tanning foam which comes in two shades either light/medium or dark. Being a lighter skin tone I chose to try the light/medium tan and this shade is perfect for me for a natural looking tan. If I wanted a more bronzed look I probably could get away with the dark foam. This product is one of my favourites and is truly one of the best fake tan foams I have ever used. This foam has won multiple awards and never fails to give a smooth, even and streak free tan. This product like all of the Bondi Sands range is enriched with coconut meaning your not left smelling like a ginger biscuit instead you smell like you have been on holiday to a tropical island. The product also contains aloe vera making for a lightweight foam and easy application. I have tried other high street products at a cheaper price point but they just don't offer the same quality as this product as it's well worth the extra money.

Self Tanning Oil Liquid Gold - 150ML - RRP £14.99

The second product from the range which I decided to give a try as I loved the concept. Liquid Gold is a self tanning dry oil which is super easy to apply and it gives the most beautiful tan. This product really is a game changer for me because I do love their foam but I also sometimes want a product that I can basically throw on and go. Liquid Gold is that product!. You spray it on and it comes out like a mist - the mist is comes out brown so you can easily see which means not streaky accidents. This means you can easily see any bits you may have missed allowing you to be able to go back over them. This tan dries in minutes literally 3 minutes to be exact and your done ready to go. No more sitting around in the nude like an idiot waiting for your tan to dry so it doesn't go blotchy or transfer to your clothes. Again this product has that signature coconut scent, it is also infused with Argan oil. It is their longest lasting tan product but it doesn't come in a shade choice. It does give a darker tan than the foam but even with my complexion it still works fine. I love the ease of this product and that holiday glow look I get from using it. This tan also develops with wear time over 2-3 hours of wear. Another Bondi Sands product well worth the price tag. In the UK this product is a Boots exclusive and can only be purchased from in store or their website here:

Self Tanning Lotion - Light/Medium - RRP £14.99:

When tanning I have always been one to stick to foams as you can see exactly what your doing and to many peoples surprise I have had any disasters with a foam yet. I have never found a tanning lotion that I can get away with as they always tend to end up looking patchy once dry on my skin. So when I got sent this by the Bondi Sands to try I was interested to give it a go since I love every other product I have used. I must admit it did make me nervous the thought of possibly having another lotion tan disaster. Upon opening this product and reading the reviews online I was pleasantly surprised as the product isn't clear or a milky colour like expected its brown. Opening the product to discover the brown product really intrigued me because every lotion I have used in the past I haven't really been able to see what I am rubbing into the skin but didn't have any problems with this. I am proud to say this is the first tanning lotion that I LOVE because I can see exactly what I am applying making it easy for me to correct what could have been streaky disasters. Another great thing about this product is that it also dries in a matter of minutes like the oil meaning your not waiting around for your tan to dry.

Huge thanks to Hayley and the team at Bondi Sands for sending me over the foam and lotion for me to try out. 

What type of Tan do you like to use? and Which brand is your fave?

That's all for now.... Amber xox

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