UK Budget Beauty Haul: 

Hey Everyone Amber back with another blog post. I uploaded a bargain beauty video to Youtube a couple of days ago and thought I would write the blog post to acompany it, so you can see the items more up close and in better detail. 

Poundshop items :
 I popped into Poundworld and Poundland as I always like to check out their beauty sections, every now and again you can pick up some really good highstreet make up brand products. It just so happened that the other day was my lucky day as they had lots of bargains. 

First couple of things I picked up from Poundland... I think. I managed to get hold of a Garnier miracle skin protector BB cream and a Maybelline brow mascara.

Now I know all the following items where from Poundland. I managed to get hold of x5 Maybelline color show nail varnishes in various shades. These normally retail at around £4.99 so really I managed to get five for the price of one. 

Next I also picked up some Maybelline nail art pens in white, gold and turquoise. These make nail art easy as they do write on just like a pen and look fab.

Next I also picked up some Sally Hansen gel nail strips which at a £1.00 a packet where a bargain. I got a lovely coral orange colour and a berry red which I thought would be great for christmas.

Lastly I also got some really cool Maybelline nail wraps which look like the New York city scape and a Rimmel colour rush lip crayon in a coral pink colour.

Bargain Buys:

Then I took a trip into Bargain Buys to see if they had any cheap branded beauty products and again I picked up some great items. They had tubes of face mask for a £1.00. 

My favorite bargain of the day was the x4 packets of Elegant Touch nails I managed to pick up for just £1.00 each. I managed to pick up x2 packs of Little mix perry stick on nails and x2 packs of neon paint swirl nails.

I also managed to get a really cool Chapstick Mixx stick which includes two different lip balms which can be worn together or on their own. This includes raspberry and lemon when worn togther it makes raspberry lemonade for £1.00.

Last shop I popped into was Primark just to see if they had any reduced beauty items and again I was in luck they where selling a lot of the fake nails off for 50p a packet so I picked up 3 packets pictured below.

Thats all for now, Amber xox
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  1. wow !! you got some high end products really cheap! i love your videos btw xx <3

    1. aww thanks hun sorry for the late reply just seen this xox