Sweet Freedom Orange Spice Choc Shot Review:


Hey Everyone just Amber back with another review. A while ago I got in touch with a company called Sweet Freedom and asked to review their products they kindly sent me their orange spice choc shot to review. I love chocolate orange so couldn't wait to try this. Sweet Freedom specialise in liquid chocolate sweet treats which can be used in a number of ways shown below:

Sweet Freedom orange spice choc shot review - RRP £3.50: 

Due to christmas being around the corner I thought the orange spice flavour would be great to use over the christmas season as I love chocolate orange. They are very easy to use as you simply just squeeze the tube into your hot milk and stir adding more or less depending on how chocolatey you like your hot chocolate. You can also use it in the other ways shown above on toast ect. This tastes amazing and really gets you into the christmas spirit. The product is definately worth the price as it will last ages and you dont need much per drink. The thing I love the most about Sweet Freedom products is that they are 100% natural and suitable for most people such as diabetics, vegans, vegetrians. I just love the idea of these products and would love to try more of the range, Its great to be able to have a healthy sweet treat.

How would you use your Choc Shot?

Thats all for now , Amber xox
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  1. I opted for coconut as i love bounties :-) I tried it on toast and squirted it into porridge ' lush. Xx


  2. How would I use the choc shot? Hmmmm, pour it down my throat lol!! Nah to be honest I would add it hot milk or on my porridge!!