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Shop Coupon Policies:

Hey Everyone just Amber back with another blog post. When asking for video requests on Youtube I have had a lot of people asking where I use my coupons because they have had issues with a number of shops refusing to accept their coupons. In this post I thought I would highlight a number of popular shops coupon policies in order for it to make it easier to understand what shop accept what coupons ect. I would always recommened carrying a copy of these policies when coupon shopping. 


I use Asda on a regular basis when coupon shopping due to their reasonable prices. Asda has a clear coupon policy which states customers are allowed to use any coupons as long as they are in date and following the instructions on each individual coupon. E.g If a coupon says one per transaction then you only use one per transaction. Asda also states as long as these rules are followed customers can use as many coupons as they like per transaction. 

Find their policy here: 


Tesco have a similar policy to Asda and also agree that you can use as many coupons per transaction as long as you obey the rules on the coupon. They also state only one coupon maybe used per product. The also accept printed coupons.

Find their policy here:
(click on store information then coupon policy)


Morrisons have a slightly different approach they do accept coupons as long as they follow the rules printed on each coupon but they only accept coupons from magazines, newspapers. They do not  accept printed coupons. 


Sainsburys do not limit the amount of coupons used per transaction but do not allow more than one of the same coupon to be used per transaction. 

Find their policy here:

Thats all for now, Amber xox :)

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