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Scheckter's organic energy drinks review:

Image from: http://schecktersorganic.com/
A while ago I emailed Scheckter's to review their energy drinks with being on the go all the time I find that I often feel drained so sometimes pick up an energy drink to give me a boost. They kindly agreed to me reviewing their products and posted me a little box of goodies including one of their original energy drinks, a lite energy drink, a 50p coupon and a lovely logo printed canvas bag which has come in very handy for university. The great thing about this energy drink is the fact that it is the first ever organic energy drink. The drinks contain 100% natural ingredients and 80mg of caffeine which help give you a substained energy boost unlike other energy drinks which can give a crash and burn effect. These drinks have won loads of awards so I couldnt wait to give them a go.

When to drink Scheckter's:
  • Morning - Kick start your morning with a natural boost
  • Afternoon - Refreshing to help you out of an afternoon slump
  • Evening - Can be used as a tasty mixer for an evening drink
  • Workout - Great to create a boost of energy before or after a workout
Scheckter's organic energy original RRP £1.35:

I was suprised by how tasty this drink was considering the drink is pomegrante and lemon flavour which I first thought was an odd combination but it is so refreshing. I love how fruity the flavour is and the flavour combination works really well together. The fact the drink uses natural energy sources such as coffee bean extract really helps give you an energy boost which keeps going all day. Click on the image if you would like to try the drink.

Scheckter's organic energy lite RRP £1.35:

I also tried the lite version of the drink which I didn't like as much but this is only because it isnt as sweet due to the switching of sugars. The lite version contains agave nectar which helps the drink to contain 30% less calories than the original drink. The lite version still has the same benefits just a not as sweet flavour but it is still a delicious healthier alternative with plenty of flavour. Try yours now click on the image link.

If your like me and often need a energy boost I recommend trying this delicious energy filled drink for more information check out their website: http://schecktersorganic.com/. I want to say a big thanks to Sharon for letting me try this tasty drink.

Thats all for now, Amber xox 

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