Pink and Green Skincare Review

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Today I will be reviewing products from a company called Pink and Green skincare. The brand prides itself on its high quality natural skincare products. The company's name has a interesting meaning as pink was chosen to represent women and green to represent the environmentally friendly side of the brand. All the products use only natural ingredients and are hand made in small batches. 

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Organic Facial Oil for sensitive skin:

One of the products I was sent to review was the organic facial oil for sensitive skin. I do use lots of skincare products but have never used a facial oil. This is due to me suffering from breakouts, I have always been cautious that oil based products may make them worse. I started to use this product as part of my morning routine. 

The product comes in a blue glass bottle with a dropper for application, you need around three drops per use. This product is so refreshing and smells amazing, it is super herbal and contains ingredients like lavender, chamomile and jojoba extracts. The oil has really helped to nourish and hydrate any dry spots I had on my face due to spots. The oil helps to trap moisture and strengthen skin. You are advised to use the product on a morning and evening as part of your everyday cleansing routine.  This would make a great product to use before bed to help you relax into a good nights sleep due to the herbal smell and relaxing nature. The product can be particularly helpful for eczema and psoriasis. 

The product is available in two sizes 10ml which is £12.50 and 100ml is £24.50.

Organic Rose Floral Water:

The other product I received was the organic floral rose water. This product also comes in a lovely blue glass bottle but has a pump spray for application. The product can be used as a toner or a facial spritzer, I have been using it as a make up fixer to help set my make up for the day. This rose water is very soothing for the skin and again it has a refreshing feeling. This product has a lovely subtle floral scent. Rose water can help to improve the elasticity of skin. 

This product is particularly good for acne prone skin. It has a number of other uses and can be used on your hair or body to help nourish and hydrate.

This product comes in a 30ml bottle and costs £8.50.

I love the natural ingredients used in these products which give your skin a refreshed feel after use. The subtle herby and earthy scents draw you in and make you feel relaxed. I think the products are a lovely luxury treat at a reasonable price considering the natural ingredients. 

What do you think of products which contain natural ingredients?

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