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Zebra Pens Review :

Hey Everyone, A while ago I contacted Zebra pens to see if they would let me review their products. Due to me being at university I need staionary on a regular basis so Joanne at Zebra pens was kind enough to post me a selection of pens to review.

You can check out the whole range of Zebra pens on their website here:

Z-Grip Flight RRP £2.99 ish for 2 pack:

Joanne kindly posted me the black ink Z-Grip Flight which I love. Its such a smooth pen to write with which makes for effortless writing. Its a lovely ballpoint retractale pen which is resonably priced. It looks nice and stylish and is nice and slim line. It is avaliable in blue, black and red. I would recommend this pen as it makes writing a joy and it is comfortable and smooth to write with. 

Zebra Sarasa RRP £1.60 each:

This pen is also amazing its the Zebra Sarasa gel pen, this one I got in blue in but it also comes in red and black. These pens won at the 2014 stationary awards due to their evolutionary rapid dry ink which means no smudging. I prefer using gel pens due to them being smoother to write with but often find my self covered in ink due to smudging this pen eliminates this issue. It dries in less than 1 second on most paper types and is great for left handers. I again love the fact that the pen is retractable which means your pencil case is left clean and tidy and not full of pen marks. It has a great and super comfortable cushioned finger grip and is refillable. I again would definatley recommend buying these pens they are amazing and a great price :). 

Z-Grip Funky RRP £1.99 ish for 3 pack:

I love the quirky detail on these pens as they have a safari theme, I was posted the Zebra print to test. The pack of three contains a zebra, cheetah and tiger print pen. They are only avaliable in black ink and are more of a standard pen. I do again love the fact the pens are retractable keeping pencil cases tidy. They are ballpoint pens with a comfort grip at the base. I like the comfort combined with style and a great price.

Z-Quad :

This is the newest edition to the Zebra pen family and I am impressed. This funky pen contains four colours: red, blue, black and green ink and it's refillable. It's a really nice smooth writer and I love how sturdy it is considering it contains four inks. I love the versatility all the colours you need in one pen and again its retractable so nice and tidy pencil case all round :).

I love these pens and they will be a staple in my back to uni pencil case. I want to say a huge thanks to Joanne for letting me try these pens :) sorry for the late review.

Thats all for now, Amber xox 
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