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Nerf dog toy review:

Hey Everyone, Just Amber back with another blog review. A little while ago I contacted Nerf dog toys in order to try their dog toys on my dog and then review them. They kindly posted me all the way from America a box of three toys. Today I will write a review for two of them. I just want to say a huge thanks to them for sending them me to try. My dog is a nightmare with toys and destroys everything and I had heard that the Nerf toys are super durable so I wanted to give them a try to see how well they lasted and I have to say ive been impressed. 

You can check out Nerf dog toys here and they are avaliable to purchase on Amazon:

This toy retails at £6.72 and is a rubber rugby shaped ball made from hard rubber. I love the bright red colour as its great for visibility. I love the many uses that this toy has as not only can it be used as a ball for playing fetch it has many other uses. The groved rubber pattern imprinted into the ball helps to clean your dogs teeth as they chew and they can be used a place to hide treats. This toy is both weather and water resistant and can be easily cleaned. 

I must admit this toy does have a great durability and has worn really well the only part of the ball which could do with being a little stronger is the tapered edges as with them being pointed he chewed through them straight away.


Nerf Dog Barbell Chew Toy:

Next toy Buster tested was this green barbell chew toy which retails for £9.10 (prices based on Amazon). Again this toy is made from a durable rubber which makes it great for chewing, fetching and even tug of war. I love the fact this this toy is also bouncy which makes it more fun. It is avaliable in various colours including red and green. This toy again is durable and water/weather resistant. The only part of the toy that he has managed to destroy is where the logo is on the barbell he has managed to chew it off but apart from that its is pretty good condition. 

I would really recommend these to toys to anyone with a destructive dog such as my own as they will find them a challege to destroy. I also want to say a huge thanks to Lucas for letting us try them out :).

Thats all for now ... Amber xox 

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