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UK September Freebies:

Hey Everyone, New freebie video uploaded to Youtube go check it out! :). 

Thats all for now, Amber xox
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Pink October Breast Cancer Awarness with Glamulet:

Hey Everyone, This post is going to be a little different its more about raising awareness about breast cancer a topic close to my heart due to having family members who have suffered with the disease. October is around the corner and I believe it is of great importance for people to be aware of pink October which helps to raise awarness of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the second deadliest cause of death for women around the world. Glamulet believe that by 2050 no woman should die of the diesease. Glamulet was launched in 2014 as a trendy but affordable option of charm bracelets. This year Glamulet have decided to join the cause and have created a limited edition pink charm range in support of breast cancer in which the donate 50% of proceeds to this cause. You can check out this range here: http://www.glamulet.com/breast-cancer-october-2015. - Post powered by BrandBacker.

Please help support #Glamuletpinkoctober 

Thats all for now , Amber xox

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Today I'm Me Wishlist:

Hey everyone, today I decided to do something a little different. I'm going to create a wishlist of products I like from the Today I'm Me website. The company creates gorgeous quirky bags in a range of designs at reasonable prices. 

Check them out here: http://www.todayimme.com/

Vibrant me tote - £55.00:

I love this bag not only the quirky 3D look design but I love the use of the edgy colours. The citrus colour scheme works well with the monochrome aspects of the bag. The bag is a great size and a reasonable price. I like the fact the colours remind you of the summer all year round. 

Candy me tote - £55.00:

I also love the colour scheme of this tote as the pink adds a perfect pop of colour it adds a fun but girly effect. I love the size of these bags and price is great. 

Illusion Tote - £50.00:

The last product I love is from a new collection which is currently avaliable for pre-order called the illusion collection. This tote bag is a gorgeous squared shape perfect to pop in a pencil case and notepad for university studies. The bag again is a nice and reasonable price. I love the modern and funky monochrome pattern printed on the front. The pop art design has a vintage 1960's feel and even has a matching clutch avaliable for purchase seperately. Post powered by the Blogger Programme.


Thats all for now, Amber xox

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Last of the September freebies:

Hey everyone go and check out my latest freebie video on Youtube:

Thats all for Now, Amber xox
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Amazon Review Freebies:

Hey everyone just uploaded another video to Youtube about the freebies I have recieved through using AMZ reviews. All you have to do is sign up to their website and choose which items you would like to review, some items are discounted and some are free. Watch my video where I explain in more detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkKzYLWMqxY . 
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Asda coupon shop 23/9/15:

Hey everyone, yesterday I decided to do a coupon shop in Asda due to me having loads of coupons to spend I have uploaded a video to Youtube going through the items I purchased using coupons: 

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKFEHQ2UY5o

I purchased the following with coupons:

  • x2 packets of Johnsons wipes - £1.00 each with 50p off coupon
  • x2 cartons of Covent Garden soup - FREE - £1.00 off coupon
  • x3 packets of anchor spreadable - FREE - £5.00 free product coupon
  • x2 Amy's kitchen buritos - £1.00 each with 50p off coupon
  • x2 bottles of Belvoir Farm presse - £2.00 with £1.00 off coupon
  • x3 Colgate cavity protection toothpaste- £1.00 per tube with 50p coupon
  • x2 boxes of Carefree liners - FREE with x2 £1.00 coupons
  • x3 mini Listerine mouthwashes - £1.00 with x2 £1.00 coupons
  • x3 Norwegian formula mini hand creams - £1.00 with x2 £1.00 off coupons
  • X2 John West spreadables - 50p with x2 coupons - one for a free product other was 50p off
Cant remember how much the other things worked out at but I did mention in my video so watch that if your intrested. 

Thats all for now, Amber xox 

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Beauty Haul:

Hey everyone a couple of weeks ago I decided to do a beauty haul but being busy ive only just got round to writing this post and uploading the video to go with it. You can check out the haul video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GQ_FpJPJ6w. I went into lots of different shops including Superdrug, Boots and the poundshop.


I just wandered into the poundshop to see what make-up products they had beacause you can get some real bargains and I wasn't dissapointed. I managed to pick up two great Maybelline products. The first being a Maybelline color show blush, its a great little multi tone blush which even contains a brush. The next product I managed to pick up was a Maybelline Hypercosmos eyeshadow. This is a great marbled baked blush which contains two colours a blue and a cream shadow. 


Next I went to Boots and had a scavenge through the clearance section I managed to pick up a huge 500ml bottle of Tresemme hairspray for just £3.00, its brand new just missing a lid and it normally retails for £5.50 ish. I also picked up a bottle of Lee Stafford sunkissed lightening spray for just a £1.00... bargain!. Boots had the Maybelline great lash mascara on offer for £3.00 so I picked up one of those. The next product I picked up for free using my Boots advantage card points was a bottle of SASS perfect skin concentrate which I use after shaving just to prevent iratation and its amazing :).

The last thing I picked up where x2 collection items including a Highlight and sculpt kit which I have heard amazing things about and a Brow kit for blonde hair because I actually dont own any brow kits. 


Last shop I went to was Superdrug where I managed to bag some great bargains . First two things I picked up where from the Zoella range as I have been wanting to try her range for a long time so I bought both her fizz bars from the two ranges she has. I love bath bombs and cannot wait to use these, they cost £4.00 each on offer.

Next three products I got where bargains. I have also wanted to try the Tanya Burr range for a long time and knew she was changing her product packaging so just checked my Superdrug to see if they where selling any of her old products off and I was in luck. I managed to get three of her nails polishes for £1.50 each and they normally retail at £5.99 each. I got three shades including: little duck - baby blue colour, mini marshmallows - baby pink colour and riding hood - red colour. 

I then looked at the skin care as Superdrug had lots of offers on at the time I went shopping. I picked up a Simple illuminating radiance cream for £4.45 on offer and I thought it would be great on days where you want to where a more natural make up look as it leaves skin with a lovely shimmer finish. I also managed to pick up a Be energised eye cream for 70p as they where selling them off... another bargain!. Next bargain of the day I purchased a Garnier pure active tinted spot roll on for £2.99 on clearance. This works great as a concealer. 

I then headed over to the make up section. I picked up a make up revolution blush and lipstick for £1.00 each, most of their make up is really cheap but its really good quality for the price. I also picked up x3 NYC mascaras for £5.00 as they had an offer on where any three of their products where £5.00. I lastly picked up a MUA elysium pallete which I love it cost £6.00 but comes with a eyeliner and is amazing berry colours which will be great for winter. 

Thats all for now , Amber xox

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Latest in Beauty 2015 award  winners box:

  • Box price: £21.95 plus p&p 
  • 9 items in Box 
  • Box value: over £84.00
I'm so happy that this box is finally here after months of testing to decide the best products of the year Latest in beauty have finally released their award winners box which is worth every penny. The box contains a great range of mainly full sized products which I am super excited to try. I have done a YouTube unboxing video watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYbqM_vEgb4

Product 1 - Eye of Horus liquid define eyeliner (babylon brown):

  • Best eye make up award

This product retails at £13.93 and can be purchased on their website:
http://www.eyeofhoruscosmetics.com/collections/eyeliner/products/liquid-define-babylon-brown. I do use eyeliner but have never used a brown eyeliner but I must admit after testing this on the back of my hand I am super excited to try it. It is super long lasting, smudge proof and it dries instantly making it waterproof and resistant. This product is full size.

Product 2 Burt's Bees lip crayon:

  • Must have make up award

This is another full size product which retails for £8.99. The crayon is a gorgeous pink colour and is very nourishing as it contains shea butter and multiple natural oils. It has a lightweight texture which makes it great for everyday where and will care for your lips. 

Product 3 - Burt's Bees soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing cream:

  • Skincare saviour award
This product is another full size 170g product and it retails for £10.99. This product is a rich sulfate free facial cleanser made with a plant base which is still highly effective. It is designed to leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed. 

Product 4 - The Body Shop wild argan oil miracle solid oil for body and hair:

  • Body Beautiful award
This again is a full size 50g product and retails for £8.00. It smells gorgeous and I am super excited to try it out as I love body oils. This is a great product for dry skin and can help add shine to dull hair, I love that it has a multi purpose use. It helps skin glisten and gives a moisture boost glow. The great thing with this product is that it will last ages as a little goes a long way. 

Product 5 - Zoella fresh fizz bath fizzer:

  • Best Newcomer award
I love bath bombs and zoella so put the two together and what do you get an amazing combination. This is a great bath fizzer from her tutti frutti range and its a good price this full size product retails for £5.00. This bath fizzer turns your bath into a fruity fragrant soak helping to leave you feel refreshed and re-energised. It has a lovely fresh scent and I love that its in a chocolate bar shape so you can break it off into chunks.

Product 6 - Dr Organic snail gel serum:

  • Green product award
I am excited to try this product although a little bit nervous as it does sound slightly gross but the snail gel is supposed to have amazing effects on the skin and has been used in Asia for a long time. It is a pricey product and retails for £17.99 but in a innovation in skin care. It is a mosturising gel and is a great treatment for anti ageing. It helps to soothe and hydrate the skin and in four weeks of use it can improve hydration by up to 32%. Again this is a full size product. 

Product 7 - La-Roche Possay Effaclar duo:

  • Cult Classic Award
I am super excited to try this as I have heard so many good things about through other bloggers and because I have been suffering from breakouts recently. This full size 40ml products retails at £15.50 which is a resonable price considering how good this product is supposed to be. The cream aims to help and target blemish prone skin. This product contains a lot of fancy technology but its light and non sticky and melts into skin. It has a matte finish
 to help counteract shine and is a great make up base. 

Product 8 - COLAB sheer & invisible dry shampoo in Monaco:

  • Blogger's choice award
This cute travel size 50ml product retails for £1.99 so is nice and reasonably priced and loved by bloggers. I love dry shampoo but have never tried this brand and I am excited to due to it being highly recommened by bloggers. This products absorbs oil and refreshes roots leaving hair replenished with a lightweight, residue free finish. Its a great go to product on days where your in a hurry and your hair needs a quick spruce. 

Product 9 - Phillip Kingsley elasticzier:

  • Hottest haircare award
This is another product I have heard really good things about and have wanted to try for a long time but havent yet had the chance to. The only downside is that this is only a 20ml sample but the full size product does retail for £55.00 so when you look at it like that I suppose a sample is impressive. This product is a pre shampoo treatment which aims to help improve moisture while adding manageability, elasticity, bounce and shine. It improves hair in one use and states hair gets better each time product is used. 

Thats all for now, Amber xox 
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Nerf dog toy review:

Hey Everyone, Just Amber back with another blog review. A little while ago I contacted Nerf dog toys in order to try their dog toys on my dog and then review them. They kindly posted me all the way from America a box of three toys. Today I will write a review for two of them. I just want to say a huge thanks to them for sending them me to try. My dog is a nightmare with toys and destroys everything and I had heard that the Nerf toys are super durable so I wanted to give them a try to see how well they lasted and I have to say ive been impressed. 

You can check out Nerf dog toys here and they are avaliable to purchase on Amazon:

This toy retails at £6.72 and is a rubber rugby shaped ball made from hard rubber. I love the bright red colour as its great for visibility. I love the many uses that this toy has as not only can it be used as a ball for playing fetch it has many other uses. The groved rubber pattern imprinted into the ball helps to clean your dogs teeth as they chew and they can be used a place to hide treats. This toy is both weather and water resistant and can be easily cleaned. 

I must admit this toy does have a great durability and has worn really well the only part of the ball which could do with being a little stronger is the tapered edges as with them being pointed he chewed through them straight away.


Nerf Dog Barbell Chew Toy:

Next toy Buster tested was this green barbell chew toy which retails for £9.10 (prices based on Amazon). Again this toy is made from a durable rubber which makes it great for chewing, fetching and even tug of war. I love the fact this this toy is also bouncy which makes it more fun. It is avaliable in various colours including red and green. This toy again is durable and water/weather resistant. The only part of the toy that he has managed to destroy is where the logo is on the barbell he has managed to chew it off but apart from that its is pretty good condition. 

I would really recommend these to toys to anyone with a destructive dog such as my own as they will find them a challege to destroy. I also want to say a huge thanks to Lucas for letting us try them out :).

Thats all for now ... Amber xox 

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Zebra Pens Review :

Hey Everyone, A while ago I contacted Zebra pens to see if they would let me review their products. Due to me being at university I need staionary on a regular basis so Joanne at Zebra pens was kind enough to post me a selection of pens to review.

You can check out the whole range of Zebra pens on their website here:

Z-Grip Flight RRP £2.99 ish for 2 pack:

Joanne kindly posted me the black ink Z-Grip Flight which I love. Its such a smooth pen to write with which makes for effortless writing. Its a lovely ballpoint retractale pen which is resonably priced. It looks nice and stylish and is nice and slim line. It is avaliable in blue, black and red. I would recommend this pen as it makes writing a joy and it is comfortable and smooth to write with. 

Zebra Sarasa RRP £1.60 each:

This pen is also amazing its the Zebra Sarasa gel pen, this one I got in blue in but it also comes in red and black. These pens won at the 2014 stationary awards due to their evolutionary rapid dry ink which means no smudging. I prefer using gel pens due to them being smoother to write with but often find my self covered in ink due to smudging this pen eliminates this issue. It dries in less than 1 second on most paper types and is great for left handers. I again love the fact that the pen is retractable which means your pencil case is left clean and tidy and not full of pen marks. It has a great and super comfortable cushioned finger grip and is refillable. I again would definatley recommend buying these pens they are amazing and a great price :). 

Z-Grip Funky RRP £1.99 ish for 3 pack:

I love the quirky detail on these pens as they have a safari theme, I was posted the Zebra print to test. The pack of three contains a zebra, cheetah and tiger print pen. They are only avaliable in black ink and are more of a standard pen. I do again love the fact the pens are retractable keeping pencil cases tidy. They are ballpoint pens with a comfort grip at the base. I like the comfort combined with style and a great price.

Z-Quad :

This is the newest edition to the Zebra pen family and I am impressed. This funky pen contains four colours: red, blue, black and green ink and it's refillable. It's a really nice smooth writer and I love how sturdy it is considering it contains four inks. I love the versatility all the colours you need in one pen and again its retractable so nice and tidy pencil case all round :).

I love these pens and they will be a staple in my back to uni pencil case. I want to say a huge thanks to Joanne for letting me try these pens :) sorry for the late review.

Thats all for now, Amber xox 
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Cohorted Box Unboxing September 2015:

The Cohorted beauty box isn't a subscription like Glossybox, it is a beauty box which is released every month on a first come first serve basis. The boxes usually go on sale at around 6pm on a different date every month and you have to be quick. They cost £20.00 plus p+p and always contain at least the value of £60.00. This months box contained five items and is worth £71.50. You can pre-order next months box here: https://www.cohorted.co.uk/beautybox, its available on the 15th of September from 6pm. 

I have also done a youtube unboxing video check it out here:

First two things I opened the box to see where two different shower gels. The first was a Gucci Premier shower gel which smells amazing and retails at £7.50. This shower gel aims to cleanse and nurture your skin. Its great for all skin types and will leave skin soft and comfortable. The second shower gel is from Molton Brown and retails at £10.00. It is a very refreshing seamoss scent. This shower gel is infused with body boosting seaweed and horse chestnut extracts. It helps to improve skin texture and helps with stress and faituge.

Next product I got in my box which I was super excited about was a Nars Lip pencil. I have never owned a Nars product and have always wanted to due to how much they are recommended by beauty bloggers. I recieved the Nars velvet matte lip pencil in the shade walkyrie which is a beautiful pinky nude. This is a lipstick comes in the jumbo crayon design and is easy to apply. This lip pencil is highly pigmented and retails for £19.00.

The last two products in this months box where by a beauty company called TheBalm. I have heard of this brand but again have never used their products. They remind me a little bit of Benefit make up as they have a similar sort of vinatage feel with the packaging they use. The first product is a put a lid on it eyelid primer 3.7ml sample. This product is designed to help you eyeshadow last longer maintaing even the boldest looks. The next product which is super exciting is a full size eyeshadow palette called Nude'tude. The palette retails for £35.00 and contains 12 eyeshadows. The product comes in beautiful packaging decorated in a vintage style with 1950's pinup girls.

This box is definately worth every penny and I highly recommend trying to get hold of one if you can. 

Thats all for Now... Amber xox
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