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Upbeat Protein Drink Review:

Image taken from http://www.feelingupbeat.com/#Info
Hey Everyone, Just Amber back with another review. A while ago I contacted Upbeat to review their protein drinks and they where kind enough to send me some vouchers so I could do a review for them. There drinks come in four different flavours as pictured above and I was lucky enough to get the chance to try three of the above flavours. I went to  Tesco with my vouchers and managed to pick up a strawberry, blueberry and raspberry and a chocolate orange. The drinks have an RRP of around the £1.79 mark, prices may vary slightly in different stores. I think the price is reasonable as other protein drink brands retail their drinks at similar prices and some even higher. I also really love the bright and colourful packaging it really draws your eye when looking in the protein drink section. The greatest thing about these drinks is that they are only 150 calories each and they really do help to curb your cravings. I have been drinking them for breakfast and they have seen me through to lunchtime leaving me no need to snack. 

Go and check out there website:


First flavour I tried was the starwberry and I have to say it was delicious. I have found in the past with protein drinks that you always get that funny after taste but not with upbeat. This drink almost reminded me of a strawberry yougurt you get the sweet creamy strawberry flavour with a tangy yogurt undertone. I was really impressed and I loved the fact that the drink was just the right amount of sweet.
Image from: http://img.tesco.com/Groceries/pi/209/5032105470209/IDShot_540x540.jpg
Chocolate Orange:

Next flavour I tried which I was pleastantly suprised by was the chocolate orange flavour. I was expecting this to be a lot sweeter but it was actually really refreshing as you gulped you get this like dark chocolate taste then a punch of orange flavour comes through and really refreshes your pallette. I have to say this was my favourite as its a great chocolate fix and at only 150 calories and being high in protein its allowed on a diet which is great for me :).


Raspberry and Blueberry:

Last but certainly not least I tried the raspberry and blueberry flavour which again reminded me of a yougurt drink but was gorgeous. Again similar to the strawberry I loved the fact the drinks weren't to sweet but still really fruity and refreshing. 


I want to say a huge thanks to Kat for giving me the oppurtunity to try these amazing drinks and I have to say I would purchase them in the future as they taste great, look great and are great value for money.

Thats all for now , Amber xox :) 
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