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Protein Drinks Co Review:

Hey Everyone, Just Amber back with another review. A while ago I contacted a company called the Protein Drinks Co in order to review their products as I am trying to be healthier and get back into going to the gym. The company responded by posting me a range of their different products to review. So below I will review each product individually. 

You can find their products on their website here: http://theproteindrinksco.co.uk/

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Ufit protein drink - chocolate:

This drink comes in chocolate and strawberry but I prefer chocolate so decided to review the chocolate. Its almost like a chocolate milkshake but creamier and has a nice consistency. The Ufit shake contains 22g of protein along with added vitamins and minerals. They contain no added sugar and the chocolate is 170 calories a bottle. After having one of these shakes for breakfast it really did help to curb my appetite. There great grab on the go healthy option packed with protein. The chocolate had a really creamy flavour and wasnt to chocolatey. On their website these drinks retail at £16.00 for x8 shakes so not bad at £2.00 a shake. 
Image from: http://theproteindrinksco.co.uk/product/ufit/
Uslim Protein drink - chocolate:

I also tried the Uslim protein drink which is a similar concept to the Ufit but a sliming version. The Uslim contains green tea and green coffee extracts which are supposed to help burn fat and create a healthier metabolism. Again it is low in fat and is only 105 calories a bottle. I  must admit after having this for breakfast one morning I wasn't hungry till lunchtime so it definatley helped with my cravings. Its makes a great snack replacement. They are currently on sale at £10.00 for a case of 8, which is £1.25 a bottle a great bargain and if your trying to lose weight they are a great buy. They also come in strawberry. The chocolate taste is very mild in this drink as it is more milky but this is understandable due to it being a diet drink.

Image from: http://theproteindrinksco.co.uk/product/uslim/
Ufit Pro 50 protein drink - chocolate:

The last protein drink I tried was a mega protein shake they come in a huge 500ml bottle and are a premium shake. The Ufit pro shakes contain a whopping 50g of protein and are something I would only really drink after a workout to help with  recovery. They taste amazing like a really thick chocolate milkshake but think creamier. This shake can be drank in one sitting or resealed and be drank in two/three sittings. A full bottle contains 336 calories which is great for muscle builiding. Out of the three shakes this is probably one I would buy the least not because I dont like it but because Im trying to lose weight this shake is better for someone who is trying to bulk up. They cost £22.50 for 6 bottles so £3.75 a bottle they are quite expensive but like a said they are a premium product. 

Image from: http://theproteindrinksco.co.uk/product/ufit-pro50/
I am really grateful to Austin for letting me try and review these products. I would definately re-purchase the U-slim drinks because of how well they helped to curb my hunger. You can purchase online or some of these drinks are avaliable in selected Tesco's :).

Thats all for now , Thanks Amber xox 

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