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Hasslacher's Hot Chocolate Review: 

Hey Everyone sorry I haven't wrote a review in a while, I have a lot of catching up to do but due to my circumstances I haven't really had any intrest in doing anything. A little while ago I mentioned that I had contacted Hasslacher's a hot chocolate company to review their products and they where kind enough to post me out a 150g bag of their hot chocolate to review. 

Hasslacher's Hot Chocolate stand up pouch 150g - RRP £3.75:

Upon recieving my parcel to review I must say I was impressed at the outer packing as it clearly states what ingredients are in the product and how many cups the product makes. When reading the instructions on the packing they are simple and straight-forward. You can make the hot chocolate in two ways by either heating milk in a pan or warming in the microwave then you simply stir in the chocolate discs the packaging suggests around three discs but I suppose it depends how chocolatey you like it. I found that I added around 5 to make it super chocolatey and tasty. The hot chocolate has a rich and creamy texture and a lovely frothy top. I love the fact that your using real chocolate rather than a powder like most other brands as it gives a really authetic taste. I also think the product is good value for money purely based on the high quality of how good it tastes. I will definately be buying in the future. 

Huge thanks to Jim for sending me the product to test :), Hasslachers can be found in supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys check out their website as they have a great product range: http://www.hasslachers.co.uk/.

Thats all for now , Amber xox 

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