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UK freebies from the 30th June - 2nd July:

Hey everyone,
I am just going to show you the freebies I have received in the last couple of days. I managed get most of these freebies by contacting companies and telling them how great there products are or by asking them if I could try their products. 

First i contacted KOKO dairy free as I am trying to have a healthier diet and their company produces coconut milk products as a alternative to cows milk. I emailed :  info@kokodairyfree.com, and just told them I wanted to try their products as I am trying to find a milk alternative, have they got any samples or coupons. I got an emailed response thanking me for my interest and letting me know that my coupons where on their way. I emailed them on the 26th June and received my coupons on the 30th June but I did take into consideration the fact I contacted them on a Friday - (working days are Monday - Friday). They sent me x5 30p off my next purchase coupons and a thank you note which I can't find but below are the coupons. 

Next I contacted Yazoo as I love their milkshakes. I noticed while in my supermarket last week they had started to do smoothies which I want to try so I contacted them via contact form: https://www.yazoo.co.uk/contact/. I told the company how much I love their product and that I want to try more of their range and I had noticed they now to smoothies, do they have any coupons?. The company kindly replied saying how much they appreciated my comments and that my vouchers where in the post. I was amazed at how quick these came; I emailed them on 29/6/15 and they where here the next day. I opened the envelope which contained a quick note just saying here is your coupons as promised. The envelope contained x3 coupons for a free yazoo milkshake and x2 coupons for a free yazoo yoghurt smoothie. Pictures below show coupons, I have already used one.

I then contacted McVities as I also love their products. I emailed them: ubconsumerservices@unitedbiscuits.com. In the email I told them about how great there products where and listed some recipes I do using their product. I didn't get an email response so didn't expect to receive anything but on the 01/7/2015, I got a letter stating thanks for the positive comments with a £1.00 of my next purchase coupon which is valid for any of united biscuits companies including Jacobs, Crawfords, Go ahead and Carrs. Below is a picture of the coupon.

I contacted YooMoo as I would love to try their frozen yoghurt. I did get a response but from their sister company Kelly's of Cornwall ice cream saying that they will post me coupon out so I am able to try their products. I reiceved the coupon but it does appear that it can only be used on that particular product but hey its for £2.00 that products so not bad for free. Below is the coupon.

I contacted Blue Dragon as I love their sweet chilli sauce and use it on a regular basis. I filled out their contact form: http://www.bluedragon.co.uk/contact. I did't get an emailed response but opened my post yesterday to find a lovely thank you letter and a £1.00 coupon. 


Last food company I contacted was Kettle Chips as again I think their product is delicious. I used their contact form to tell them how much I love their products: http://www.kettlefoods.co.uk/talk-to-us/have-your-say. I again didn't receive an email response but opened the post to find a letter and £3.00 voucher from them.

Next couple of companies I contacted and received a response from are protein supplement companies as me and my finance use them when at the gym on a regular basis. 

I contacted Sci Mx Nutrition via http://www.sci-mx.co.uk/contact-us/. I asked them if they had any products I could try and I got a lovely email response asking which products I would like to try. I emailed them back saying protein powders and they posted x2 samples or their protein in different flavours.

The last company that I have received products from is protein dynamix. I just again emailed them to ask if they had any samples I could try via: customers@proteindynamix.com. I was super excited when I received their parcel as they sent me x2 protein samples, x2 pre work outs and x1 protein bar to try.... amazing, unfortunately ive eaten the protein bar but the other samples are pictured below.

That's my freebies for the last couple of days... Amber xox 
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