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UK Cosmetic Freebies - 13/7/15 - 19/7/15:

Hey everyone, just Amber back with another freebies post for all my cosmetic freebies received last week. 

Check the Youtube videos out here:

First of all I emailed a company called Better You using their contact form: http://www.betteryou.com/contact. They focus on selling health related products and they do body creams containing magnesium which I though would be interesting to try. They posted me a leaflet containing a magnesium rich body butter 5ml and a magnesium rich body lotion 5ml.

Next I emailed Neal's Yard another skincare company to again just ask for samples: advice@nealsyardremedies.com. They asked me what I would like to try and I just responded with surprise me :). They posted me a palma rosa face wash, palma rosa daily moisturiser, geranium and orange body wash and x2 purifying mattifier's. 

Next I emailed SBC - simply beautiful collection for samples: info@sbcgels.co.uk. They sent me x2 Vitamin ACE day and night cream and x2 collagen 3 in 1 cleanser. 

Next I emailed a company named Omorovicza via their contact form: http://www.omorovicza.co.uk/contacts/. The samples I got in the post had come all the way from Hungary so I was very impressed. I got a blue diamond super cream, gold hydralifting face mask and a queen of Hungary face and body mist.

Next company was ARK - age aware skincare, I used their email address to ask for samples: help@arkskincare.com. The posted x4 samples which where x2 skin vitality moisturiser, a anti ageing hand and nail cream and a anti ageing skin protector all where 1-2ml samples. 

Next company I got in touch with is called Higher Nature, they sell health supplements. I am currently trying to grow my hair and nails and asked them if they had anything suitable for this and the posted me a nails and hair growth supplement sample containing four capsules. I used their contact us form: http://www.highernature.co.uk/ContactUs.aspx.

Next I got in touch with Weleda and I must say I am super impressed with the samples they have sent me as they are very generous samples. I used their contact form: http://www.weleda.co.uk/page/contact. They posted me a wild rose body wash 20ml, citrus refreshing body oil 10ml and gentle cleansing milk 10ml.

Next I got in contact with a company called DHC using their contact us form: http://www.dhcuk.co.uk/customer-care/contact-us. I just asked for samples and received four in the post. They sent me a sample mild soap, deep cleansing oil, olive virgin oil for face and a mild lotion.

Next I contacted Nuxe via email: customerservice-uk@nuxe.com. I asked for samples and got a multi purpose oil for skin/hair, anti-fatigue moisturising cream and Anti ageing cream.


I then emailed Green people to ask for samples, I just used their contact form: http://www.greenpeople.co.uk/contacts. They posted me six samples,  a sun lotion, fruit scrub, make up remover, hand cream, anti ageing cream and a firming serum.

I emailed Bulldog skincare via their contact form: http://meetthebulldog.com/contact-us. They then posted me out x6 samples including x2 shave gel, x2 face wash and x2 moisturisers.

Next freebies where from QV and Sunsense which are both part of the same company because I emailed both websites separately but received my samples together. QV: http://www.qvskincare.co.uk/contact.aspx and Sunsense: http://www.sunsense.co.uk/contact-us.aspx. In the post from QV I got a bath oil, oinment, gentle lotion, gentle wash and a cream. Then from Sunsense I got a SPF 50 for kids, SPF 50 for daily face, SPF 50 for sensitive skin and a SPF 50 for everyday wear for the family.

I then emailed Elemis to see if they had any samples and I used their contact form: http://www.elemis.com/contact-us. They posted me a skin buff, night cream, enzyme peel, lavender repair mask,day cream and x2 little face oil capsules. 

I also got in touch with a company called Aubrey Organics via their contact form: http://www.aubreyorganicsuk.co.uk/contact-us. They sent x2 shampoo samples, x2 conditioner samples, x2 anti wrinkle and repair creams and a firming and anti redness cream.

I emailed L'occataine using their contact form: http://uk.loccitane.com/customer-services,83,1,43469,414337.htm?eptsec=12. They posted me a huge variety of samples body creams, lotions, oils ect. These samples did take a little while to come. 

Last cosmetic samples came from Germaine De Cappucini. On their website you can input all the details about your skin type and they recommend products these are then sent to you as samples :). This is they website: http://germaine-de-capuccini.co.uk/skincare-expert/#gf_20.

Thats all for now, Amber xox :)

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