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Sniffy Wiffy Review:

I recently contacted a company called Sniffy Wiffy and asked them to review their products and the owner of the company Sarah was kind enough to let me. I was posted a gift box containing a body scrub, body lotion and hand cream as an extra. I got to chose what fragrances I wanted my products to be and there are plenty of smells to choose from. I love the fact that all the products are home-made and every product the company sell they donate part of the money to charity. When choosing your fragrance you also get the option to choose either plain packaging or self examination packaging. This packaging is a great idea as it shows you how to check your boobs for any warning signs of things like breast cancer. They do both male and female products and the male packaging also details how to check private area's in a tasteful manner.

You can check out her products here: http://www.sniffywiffy.com/ . I also have a discount code if you quote "AMBER" at the checkout you will receive a 20% discount until the end of July. 

Body lotion and Body scrub set RRP £17.00:

Hand Cream gift set £5.00:

Body Scrub:

The body scrub and lotion come as a gift pack and the hand cream is a separate item so I will write my review for that below. First of all for the scrub I chose hibiscus and rhubarb and the item comes in a 300g tub. Upon opening my parcel it smells divine and looks amazing. I have been using the scrub in the shower all week and it is one of the best scrubs I have ever used. It gives meaning to the fact that you cannot beat home-made products. When using the scrub it has a sugary texture so its not to rough on your skin. The thing I love most about the scrub is how much moisture it puts into your skin, it not only exfoliates it moisturises at the same time. It worked wonders for me helping me remove my old fake tan so I could reapply a new layer. This scrub is well worth the money and I am super excited to purchase it in the future and try different smells. I love the fact the smell actually sticks to your skin so you smell it for hours after using it. 

Body Lotion: 

The body lotion I chose was orange blossom, I love citrus smells :). This also comes in a 300ml tub and smells amazing. I have also applied this body lotion all week and my skin is super soft, due to the fruit oils in the product it leaves your skin super moisturised. The smell of this product also stays on your skin for hours after application meaning you smell gorgeous all day long. 

Hand Cream:

I try to use hand cream as often as I can remember to as not only do I get dry skin on my hands but your hands and neck are the first parts of your body to age. It is super important to keep them hydrated and moisturised. I got the Japanese plum and it comes in a 120ml tub. This also smells amazing and is super hydrating, even helping with my dry skin. 

I am a Sniffy Wiffy convert and love these amazing products. They smell amazing and tick all the boxes.

Thats all for now Amber xox :) 

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