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Skin Likes natural deodorant review:

Hey everyone,

Just Amber back with another blog review. I contacted a company called Skin Likes to see if I could review their natural deodorant product and I got a response to let me know they would love me to and that my items where in the post. So I received the parcel last week and it contained x2 of their deodorants for me to test and review. You can check out their website here: http://www.skinlikes.co.uk/

The deodorant retails for £10.90 for three (you get 3 for the price of 2), which considering its list of all natural ingredients it is well worth the money. It is free from all of the nasties found in everyday household brands. On first impressions of opening the deodorant it had a gorgeous herbal smell, you can definitely smell all of the essential oils. I decided to give an accurate review to wear the product for a couple of days to see how well it does to cover body odour and sweat. After a week of trying this product I don't think I will purchase another brand as it has kept my sweat at bay and hidden any unneeded odours. 

The packing on the product is nice and simple, straightforward and easy to read. I love the fact the ingredients list on the back of the product contains a list of about five items in total. The leaflets I received with the product state that it dosen't clog pores, it kills any bacteria in sweat produced and it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I would recommend buying this product because once you have used it you won't want to use any other brand. 

 Thats all for now Amber xox :)


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