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Pure Potions Product review:

I emailed pure potions to try out their products for a review and I often suffer for dry and itchy skin which is sometimes caused by eczema. There products are designed to specifically help people with skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and general dry skin. They posted me out two of their products to try the bath and body oil and the intensive moisturising ointment. The two great things about their products is that they use 100% natural ingredients and their products are suitable for ages. All their products are produced under organic standards and are not tested on animals. 

If your interested in any of their products check out their website:

Bath and body oil RRP £12.99: 

The company posted me a 200ml bottle of the bath and body oil which retails for £12.99 on their website. This product can be used in a number of ways you can either add it to your bath or apply to damp skin after showering. I normally always shower so I applied the product after showering. After using this product my skin felt very soft and rehydrated any bits of dry skin I had looked refreshed afterwards. When applying the oil it has a gorgeous natural herbal smell like essential oils. The product contains all natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, multiple flower oils and hemp seed oil. I would defiantly buy this product as after a couple of uses I can already see the changes in the feel and look of my skin, it looks revitalised and healthier. The product can also be used in your bath by adding a couple of drops it helps to reduce the drying effects that water has on the skin. 

Intensive moisturising ointment RRP £12.99: 

The company also posted me a 60ml jar of their intensive moisturising ointment. This product is to help rehydrate dry skin and it also creates a protective barrier around the applied area to prevent external irritants causing further irritation. Upon opening the product the ointment is a thick green substance but due to what the product does it needs to be thick for application. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of the smell of this product unlike the bath oil it has a funny smell, this may be due to the different ingredients. This product contains beeswax along with flower oils like in the other product. Upon applying the product it is thick but it works. I usually get really itchy skin after shaving my legs so I applied this after shaving and my legs weren't itchy at all. I have tried so many products to prevent my irritated legs and the shave rash I get after shaving so I am amazed ive finally found a product to solve all my problems.

Overall I think these products are amazing and well worth the money as one product will last a long time. They have helped me solve my dry skin problems so I will purchase these products in the future. I just want to say a huge thanks to Jess at pure potions for giving me the opportunity to try them out.

Thats all for now thanks Amber xox :) 

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