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Other Freebies 16/7/15 - 20/7/15:

Hey Everyone, just Amber back with another freebie post. I have uploaded a video onto YouTube which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yLv4LmZDu0

First of all while on one of the Freebie sites I ordered some free eye health vitamins from a company called Nurtrof they send you x3 vitamin tablets to try. I used this link and just filled in my details: http://youreyehealth.co.uk/freesample.php

I emailed Burgen Bread to ask if they could send me a coupon to try their product and they kindly posted me a £1.00 coupon which meant I got my loaf of bread for free this week as it was on offer for £1.00. I used their contact form:http://www.burgenbread.com/contact/.  At the moment on their website they also have a printable 30p off coupon which you can get here: http://www.burgenbread.com/.

I also got in touch with Ahmad Tea to ask if I could sample their tea's. I used their contact form: http://www.ahmadtea.com/contacts. They posted me a lovely sample box containing x10 teas in four flavours: jasmine romance, English tea no 1, rooiboos and cinnamon and peach/passion fruit. 

I also asked Taylors to try their fruit teas and they kindly posted me x5 samples. I used this contact form: http://www.yorkshiretea.co.uk/contact.php. The flavours they sent me where: spiced apple, blackberry and elderflower, green tea and sweet mint, green tea with grapefruit and lime and chamomile and vanilla.

I emailed Belvoir fruit farms as I really want to try their drinks. Just use this contact form http://www.belvoirfruitfarms.co.uk/contact/. They posted me a £1.00 off coupon. I also got in touch with Florette as I am trying to be healthier and lose weight, I explained this to them and they posted me a coupon for a free salad bag. I used this contact form: http://www.florettesalad.co.uk/contact/general-contact-form.

If you go onto the Knorr website you are able to request a sample of sauce here: http://www.unileverfoodsolutions.co.uk/promotions/create-more/free-sample. They sent me the tomato and basil concentrated sauce but there are 3 options.

I emailed Hasslacher's hot chocolate to see if they would allow me to write a review for them and they posted me a bag of their hot chocolate which will allow me to make up to ten mugs. I just used their contact form:http://www.hasslachers.co.uk/.

Next I emailed Upbeat who make protein drinks again to ask if I could review their products. I used their contact form: http://www.feelingupbeat.com/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwuLKtBRDPicmJyvu_qZMBEiQAzlGN5gYTEnre4UQkDfOtM3OzeHy9bO59NtcVlvoulpogz-8aAnOX8P8HAQ. They kindly posted me a little pack which contained a protein intake wheel, x8 50p off coupons, x2 coupons for a free drink and a phone amplifier. 

Last thing I ordered was a Mcmillan coffee morning pack as I will be doing a coffee morning in support of my nana as 5 years ago she had breast cancer but she is all clear now :). They post you a lovely pack containing activities, balloons, a cake stencil, cocktail sticks. A lovely little assortment. If you would like to hold a coffee morning order your pack here: https://my.macmillan.org.uk/WBCM/Register.

The last couple of things I managed to get free using coupons. I got x2 packets of carefree liners for free due to having x2 £1.00 off coupons from caring everyday. I also managed to get a free bottle of Johnsons baby shampoo, Johnsons baby bedtime lotion and Johnsons baby bedtime bath also from using coupons from caring everyday: http://www.caringeveryday.co.uk/offers-coupons.

Thats all for now :) Amber xox
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