Foodie freebies - 7/7/15 - 9/7/15 :

Hey everyone, Just Amber back with another freebie video this blog post will revolve around the foodie freebies I have received over the last couple of days. I will also be doing a beauty box unboxing , dog food freebies and cosmetic freebies blogs and vlogs. 

I have uploaded a video to youtube about these freebies to watch click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_w0W5pHdPQ . 

First of all message the London tea company through their contact form: http://londontea.co.uk/contact/. I just said that I am looking for a new regular tea brand and their products look amazing so could I please try some samples. I got a lovely email response asking which ones I would like to try and I just responded by asking them to send me a small selection as they all sound amazing. I opened a envelope from them which I received in the post and the lady I had been emailing had kindly sent me out two of each of their flavours which was around 20 teabags. The flavours I received where : raspberry inferno, pure camomile, earl grey, sencha green tea, London breakfast, pure rooibos, vanilla chai, peach and rhubarb, tropical green tea and zesty lemon and ginger. 

I then contacted Drink me chai to again ask if the had samples as I would love to try their products via this link: http://www.drinkmechai.co.uk/contact-us.html . They never emailed me back but in the post I received 
 two samples, a spiced chai latte and a vanilla chai latte. 

Next company I contacted was Cawston Press and I asked them if I could review their products using this email address: INFO@CAWSTONPRESS.COM. They kindly responded saying they would pop a voucher in the post for me and that they couldn't wait to see my review. I opened the post to find a lovely note and a £2.00 customer care voucher. I will be reviewing this product on my blog. 

I also contacted Dragonfly tea using their contact form: http://dragonflytea.com/pages/contact-us, I asked if I could sample their products. I got an email back asking me to select which sample packet i wanted. Then in the post I received a lovely booklet with information on their teas with the teabags attached. The teas I received where: emerald mountain green tea, moonlight jasmine green tea, Moroccan mint green tea and Swirling mist white tea. 

I messaged Glorious foods who do soups and sauces saying that I would love to try their products do they have any coupons, I used their contact form http://www.gloriousfoods.co.uk/contact . I again didn't get an email back but when I opened the post there was a voucher for a free soup or sauce from their range. 

Last company I contacted was the Collective dairy as I have heard lots of good things about their products but haven't tried them, I used their contact form: http://www.thecollectivedairy.com/uk/our-world/contact-us/. They emailed me to let me know they would pop some coupons in the post. I opened the post and there was a lovely hand written letter stating that they hope I enjoy trying their products. They sent me four coupons: 25p off, 50p off, £1.00 off and 25p off their sassy suckies. 

Last freebie was through using coupons, I'm not sure that they are still available. I printed a coupon for 50p off any of the Santa Maria range with a blue money back guarantee sticker on. I just printed it from their website. Their spice mixes have gone back on offer in Tesco for 50p each meaning i got three for FREE!!. You can only use three per transaction. I picked up x2 of their hot chilli con carne seasoning mixes and x1 of their medium fajita seasoning mixes. 

Thats my foodie freebies for the last couple of days, thanks Amber xox :)

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  1. Great post. Liking your blog Please check out mine and follow :-) xx http://frugalcookiex.blogspot.com/

  2. thankyou just starting out but appriciate the support will check it out now :)