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Foodie Freebies - 13/7/15 - 16/7/15:

Hey everyone just Amber back with another freebie update. These are my foodie based freebies for this week so far. I have done a YouTube video about them so check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPAH18swn3w.

First up I emailed a company called Genius who make gluten free products and asked if I could try their products. I just used their contact us form: http://www.geniusglutenfree.com/en_GB/contact/contactUs. They emailed me back to let me know that they would love me to try their products and they would send me some coupons in the post. I opened the post and they had sent me x2 £3.00 off coupons for any products in their range. 

I also contacted Yoplait via their contact us page: http://consumercontacts.generalmills.com/ConsolidatedContact.aspx?page=http://www.yoplait.co.uk&js=True . I again just asked to try their products as I have never tasted any of their products. I didn't get an emailed response but they kindly posted me out a voucher for a free product up to the value of £3.00.

I then used the Amy's kitchen contact form: http://www.amyskitchen.co.uk/community/contact. I just again said can I try your products and in the post I received x2 50p off coupons. Amy's kitchen also produces a lot of gluten free products.

Next I emailed Allisons bakeries using this email address: talktous@allinsonbread.com. I just asked if they had any coupons for their products and they kindly posted me a lovely letter and a £1.00 coupon. 

I then decided to email a few more protein companies for samples as my fiancee is a personal trainer so he uses protein shakes on a daily basis. I got in touch with Iron Science using their contact us form: http://www.ironscience.co.uk/contactus.html . They sent me x2 protein powder samples in chocolate and strawberry. I also contacted another protein company called Nature's Best they kindly posted me x3 samples in raspberry, vanilla and chocolate. I emailed this address: info@naturesbest.co.uk.

Next I contacted Tunnock's and left them a lovely story about how my nana used to buy me their products such as their teacakes when I was younger. They emailed me back to let me know they would post me some wafers in the post. I used their contact form: http://www.tunnock.co.uk/contact-us.aspx . They posted me x2 pack of their caramel log wafer biscuits and you get four in a packet. 

I found this freebie through the freebie time facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Freebie-time-uk/689815737702972?fref=ts. It was for a free sample of the new Comfort intense fuchsia passion fabric conditioner, you get a 32ml sample and you can claim yours here: https://www.comfortintense.com/.

Next I finally received my tropical Red bull from the Twitter so post. You can claim yours here: https://redbull.sopost.com/?. You send it to a friend and get them to send it back to you and your item gets posted out to you. 

I emailed another gluten free food company and asked for samples the company is called Gluten Free Foods, email them here: http://www.glutenfree-foods.co.uk/ask-richard/. They posted me out a packet of gluten free cornflakes and a packet of gluten free pretzel sticks.

I had a £1.00 off coupon for Mcvities which I got a while ago by writing to them to compliment their products. I used this contact us form: http://www.unitedbiscuits.com/media-centre/contact-us/. Most of the Mcvities biscuits are on offer in Tesco for £1.00 at the moment so I got a packet of the chocolate orange digestives for free. 

I also got x3 of these Schwartz grill mates from a so post but they are no longer available. I got smokey texan, mojito lime, cajun marinades mixes. They come with little instruction and recipes cards to :). 

Last freebie for now was from a company called Tea India, I just emailed to ask them to try their products and to ask for samples and they posted me a little sample pack containing x6 tea bags. The flavours included cardamom chai, masala chai and vanilla chai. I just used their online contact us form: https://www.teaindia.co.uk/.

Thats all for now, Amber xox :) 

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