Cosmetic freebies - 6/7/15 -10/7/15:

Hey everyone, Just back with another freebie blog post. I have had to split up my freebies into categories as I have recieved a fair few the last couple of week. This post is about my cosmetic freebies.

Watch the Youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0ve_39vpiM

First thing I opened in the post where some Natracare wipes. I contacted this company asking to try their products, I used their contact form: http://www.natracare.com/contact-us/ . Natracare are a company who use all natural ingredients, they manufacture wipes and sanitary products. They posted me x2 of their cleansing make up removal wipes and x2 baby wipes. 

Then through one of the freebie sites I found a link for a free Aveeno moisturiser sample via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AveenoUK?sk=app_610372385686188&app_data%5BinnerUrl%5D=%2F%3F . You get to chose from two different samples and I chose the moisturising cream. The sample is quite generous as its 10ml. It was posted with a leaflet but I had already thrown it away sorry :/. 

Next freebie is from Bio-oil I contacted them and told them I love their products but do they have any samples via their contact form: http://www.bio-oil.com/en/contacts/new . I never got a response back but in the post I opened a weenie sample from them, it was free so I can't complain. I was presented in such a lovely way with a little card telling you how to use it, what its made from ect. 

Next I recently purchased a Urban Decay palette and while I was at their counter I kindly asked for samples and they had a sample of their lipgloss which contains three colours kinky, assassin and bittersweet. 

I emailed Fast hair as I am trying to get my hair to grow and I am currently using another hair growth shampoo and conditioner. I just emailed them via their contact form: http://www.fasthair.co.uk/contact_form/. I asked for samples and they posted me out x3 of their shampoo and conditioner samples which are 10ml each. I can't wait to try this :). 

 I got in touch with a skin care company called Manuka Doctor and again just asked for samples using their contact form: http://www.manukadoctor.co.uk/contacts. They then posted me out a little box containing three samples, sorry I have thrown the box away. The box contained x1 skin treatment serum - 5ml, x1 targeted wrinkle filler 3ml and x1 rejuvenating face mask 7 - 7ml. All of their products are made using bee venom. 

Next I got in touch with a company called Faith in nature and again I just asked to sample their products using their contact form: https://www.faithinnature.co.uk/pages/contact . They sent me x4 7ml samples: lavender and geranium shower gel, coconut shower gel, raspberry and cranberry shampoo and a males blue cedar shower gel. 

This week I decided to buy Elle magazine as it had a Organic Pharmacy skin care kit in it for free worth around £15.00. The kit contained a Antioxidant lip balm 5ml, rose facial cleansing gel 10ml and a rose rejuvenating face cream. The magazine also contained stuck to one of the pages a free Loreal elvive nutri-gloss shampoo sample 10ml. 

The next freebie I got from a freebie site. On one of the freebie sites there was an option to fill out a survey for Crabtree and Evelyn and by doing so you get a voucher to take and get a free handcream. Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/crtree. The coupon takes a little while to arrive in your inbox. The only problem from is that to redeem the coupon I would have to drive into Newcastle which is about an hour away. I emailed their customer service address and they where kind enough to understand my situation and post the hand cream out to me. The sent me a 25g pear and magnolia hand therapy and a little sachet sample of their verbena and lavender hand cream 5g. You don't get if you don't ask ! :).

Its been a busy week, next I emailed Lanza haircare via this address: info@lanzaeurope.co.uk. I asked for some samples and got a response asking for which products I want to sample so I mentioned that I dye my hair and the lady recommended the colorcare range. They sent me x2 healing color care shampoo and conditioners 7ml each and x2 trauma treatments also 7ml. 

Then I used the Dr organic contact form to contact them: http://www.drorganic.co.uk/contact.asp. They sent me out x18 samples in the post all around 5ml. They sent me: dead sea mineral night cream/ day cream and mud mask, argan oil day cream / night cream ans shampoo, coconut night cream / day cream and skin lotion, tea tree toothpaste, royal jelly shampoo,vitamin e skin lotion, olive oil day cream, aloe vera gel rose skin lotion, manuka honey hand cream, pomegranate body wash and snail gel. 

Next freebie is from a So post which I found out about through Facebook via this link https://laroche-posay-redermic.sopost.com/. The way So post works is that you send the freebie to a friend and then they send it back to you. I got two lots because my fiancées mum gave me hers. So this So post is for a La Roche Possay anti age face cream, on the application page it looks like you will receive a tube but what you actually get is x2 tiny sample sachets that are 1.5 ml and a £3.00 off your next purchase at Boots coupon.  

I then wrote to a company called Skin likes and asked them if I could review their products, they make a all natural roll on deodorant. They kindly replied and posted me out x2 of them to try so I have been testing them all week and will be writing a review for them later. Find their website here: http://www.skinlikes.co.uk/

Next I emailed Heaven skincare by Deborah Mitchell via this email: ire@heavenskincare.com  and asked for samples. I opened my post to find a gorgeous box filled with samples. They sent me x2 youthful moisturisers, x1 age defiance cream, x2 chamomile desensitising hydrogel, x5 silver bee venom masks, x1 willowbee mask and cleanse and x2 silk skin beebee creams. 

 I next emailed Sothy's via this email: sothys@sothys-uk.co.uk. They emailed back asking me a few question regarding my skin type and then kindly posted a large amount of samples to me. They sent me x2 pore refiner systems, x1 dark circle eraser, x1 multi action eye contour, x1 brightening fluid, x1 active crea, x1 hydra matt fluid, x1 purifying foaming gel, x1 softening emulsion, x1 deep cleanser , x1 cleansing milk , x1 energizing day cream and a mini tube of booster serum. 

I used Australian body care's contact form to email them: http://www.australianbodycare.co.uk/contact-us.php. I asked them to try their samples and they posted me out a shampoo and conditioner, x2 face creams, deodrant, skin wash , body lotion and a face mask.

Last thing I received through Germaine de Capuccini basically you go to their website and do a skin test and they send you a packet of samples to match your skin type. This is the website: https://germaine-de-capuccini.co.uk/skincare-expert/. I received: x8 pure expert samples, x2 exfoliating scrub and x2  soft scrubs. 

Thats all for now everyone :) I will be back with another post soon, Amber xox 

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  1. Wow you are on fire! great post, I look forward to seeing many more :-) x

  2. Awww thanks hun , checked your blog out and its amazing :) xx

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  4. lol I have got that Aveeno sample lots of times its great, and thanks for sharing with us your freebie haul, I did just get a free shower gel sample from Bodyshop, I found it from here - http://www.fabfreesamples.co.uk/free-shower-gel-giveaway/