Cawston Press Drink review:

Hey Everyone, Just Amber back with another review this time for drinks by Cawston press. I contacted the company kindly asking to try their products as they looked gorgeous. The company make healthier fruit drinks by combining the fruit juice with water. I purchased two different types of their product to review. You should be able to find their products in your local supermarket, go check them out here: http://www.cawstonpress.com/.

Cawston Press apple and rhubarb 1 litre:

I purchased this from my local Tesco and it cost £2.09 which I think is a fair price as fruit juice drinks are not usually cheap. I decided to go for the apple and rhubarb flavour as I thought it sounded an interesting and yummy taste. The bottle states that the product is one of your five a day, can't beat a healthier option. I also like the fact that the packaging highlights how quality is of great importance when producing their products. The packaging is clear and easy to read using a large font so it stands out from other brands on the shelf. I also like that the drink doesn't contain any nasties such as added sugars, sweeteners, colours and preservatives. 

Next the taste test, I followed the instructions on the carton and chilled and shook before pouring. Upon opening the carton I got a gorgeous whiff of rhubarb. Then when pouring into my iced glass the juice is a cloudy colour due to the apple as the drink contains 90% apple. This drink tastes amazing you get hit by rhubarb then the apple works its way through. It is a truly amazing taste combination. I have to say that I will definitely be buying this product again and particularly this flavour. 

Cawston Press kid's blend apple and mango:

I again purchased from my local Tesco and they usually retail for £1.89 but are on offer for £1.50. The kids blend come in a pack of three and each carton is 200ml. These are a great healthy option for lunch break drink or to put in a child's lunch box. I chose the apple and mango flavour but these drinks do come in lots of other flavours but unfortunately my Tesco doesn't stock them. The drinks are a mixture of pressed fruit and 60% water and again are free nasties. Upon tasting these you really get the mango through and they are fruity considering the water mix. I like the fact they don't taste watery and you still get the fruity taste. I would also buy these again but would like to try different flavours. 

Thats all for now, Amber xox 

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