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Bargain buys 6/7/15 - 13/7/15:

Hey everyone, just back with another bargain buys post, please find below all bargains I have purchased in the last week. Please watch the Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntLVbabRE9Q .

First place I went shopping last week was Asda for my weekly shop and I managed to grab a few bargains and a few items using coupons. I recently noted that I had wrote to Blue Dragon and they had posted me a £1.00 coupon out in the post, I just emailed their contact form: http://www.bluedragon.co.uk/contact. So while shopping I noticed in Asda the big bottle of Blue Dragon sweet chilli sauce was on offer for £1.50 so with my coupon it was only 50p. 

I then went to the coffee isle as from the Kenco website I had a coupon for £1.00 off their millicano dark roast, (no longer available). The coffee was on offer for £3.00 so with my coupon I only paid £2.00.

Last bargain from Asda was from the clearance section they were selling off a Cafe Direct hot chocolate for £1.50 from £3.00. It looked delicious so I had to buy it and it tastes as good as it looks, It did win a good housekeeping award so I wouldn't expect any less. 

Next shop I went to was Boots, I always like to go and check out their clearance section and to my look there where bargains to be had. I first picked up a Tresemme renewal and scalp conditioning treatment reduced to a £1.00. I next stumbled up another bargain from Bumble and Bumble one of their hair chalks in a mint green colour was reduced to £1.50 just because it didn't have a lid. Their products usually retail at around at least £5.00 for this size bottle so I couldn't turn it down. 

Next was my coupon shop in Tesco's. First of all I had a £1.00 coupon for any Femfresh products from their website: http://femfresh.co.uk/coupon . There intimate daily wash was on offer for £1.37 so after using my coupon it only cost me 37p. 

After using two of my Carefree panty liner coupons together on a deal to get them free earlier last week due to multiple accounts I had a coupon left over for £1.00 off the 20 packs retail at £1.05 so after coupons a pack cost me 5p. The coupon was from the caring everyday website:  http://www.caringeveryday.co.uk/offers-coupons .

Next up I had another voucher from the caring everyday website: http://www.caringeveryday.co.uk/offers-coupons . I had a £1.00 off coupon for the clean and clear range, a lot of this range was on offer in Tesco last week. I managed to pick up their blackhead clearing daily scrub for around £1.47 as it was on offer for £2.47 and usually retails at over £3.50. 

Next again from caring everyday: http://www.caringeveryday.co.uk/offers-coupons .  I had a £1.00 off coupon for Listerine mouthwash a lot of the 500ml bottles are on offer in Tesco's for £2.00 so with my voucher they worked out at £1.00 a bottle and I bagged three bottles. 

I have had a couple of coupons for the Flash products for a while and have just been waiting for them to go on offer and my luck that this week the Flash multi surface cleaner is down to £1.25. I had two coupons from Super Savy me: https://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/tag/coupon for 50p off Flash cleaner. I managed to get x2 bottles for only 75p each. 

I had a coupon from My Mail: https://www.mymail.co.uk/mycoupons, the coupon was for £1.00 off PG tips fruit or green teas. They are on offer in Tesco at £1.00 a box for 20 teabags. I had two coupons so managed to get x2 boxes for £1.00. 

Last bargain was again using a coupon from My Mail: https://www.mymail.co.uk/mycoupons. I had a coupon for the Cawston press 3 packs which entitled me to 89p off they are currently on offer in Tesco for £1.50 so with my coupons they where 61p a pack. I also had a manufactures coupon from Cawston press as I am writing a review for them, it was for £2.00 I purchased a 1 litre bottle of their apple and rhubarb juice which after my coupon cost me 9p. 

Thats all for now Amber xox :)

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