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Bargain Buys - 13/7/15 - 19/7/15:

Hey everyone, Just Amber back with another bargain buy blog post. These are all the bargains I managed to get hold of last week. Some with coupons and some because they where clearance.

Check out the YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAlHe6XIfJA

First up I will do the 2 items I purchased to get cash-back for from Top cash-back: http://www.topcashback.co.uk/home. I first up picked up a packet of Candyland refresher sweets as Top cash-back are offering 30p cash-back when a packet is purchased. In Asda they where on offer for 5 for £1.00 so when I get my cash-back 5 packets will have only cost me 70p. Next offer I got using Top cash-back was Hartleys 175g Jelly's you get 45p cash-back they where on 3 for £1.00 so after cash-back they where 55p for 3. 

Next item I purchased was using a coupon. I had x2 coupons from the Plenty website for 50p off: http://www.plenty.co.uk/Coupons. I picked up the Plenty easy clean wipe anti-bacterial and bathroom starter packs, they have a RRP of £2.99. In Asda they are currently on offer for £1.97 so after my coupons they cost me £1.47 per pack. 

Next I had a coupon from signing up to the Danone newsletter, you can here: Danone newsletter link. When you first sign up the email you five coupons to print out and after that you receive different coupons on a monthly basis. I used one of my coupons for the activia yoghurt's this week. In Asda the activia yoghurt's are on offer for a £1.00 and with my 50p off coupon they where only 50p. I went for the raspberries and cream flavour.

Next bargain was using a £1.00 Taylors tea coupon from this link: http://taylorstea.co.uk/coupon/. They where selling most of the Taylors tea's off in Asda and I managed to pick up a pack of peppermint leaf tea which was £1.50 but with my coupon it only cost 50p.

My next two bargains where from using coupons from the Super Savy me website: Super savy me coupons. I had x2 coupons for Always discreet liners. x1 coupon for £1.00 off and x1 coupon for £1.25 off. The discreet liners are on offer in Asda for 2 for £3.00 so for two packets it cost me 75p. I also had another coupon for any packet of Always dailies for £1.00 off. They where selling the giga pack off which contains 80 liners for £1.50 so they only cost me 50p.

I only managed to get one coupon bargain item in my Tesco shop this week because my other coupon items worked out free so even better for me :). I did managed to pick up some really good clearance deals though. I had x2 £1.00 off coupons for Johnsons baby bath when they where purchased together. They where on offer for 2 for £3.00 so they cost me £1.00 for two bottles. The coupons where from Caring Everyday: http://www.caringeveryday.co.uk/offers-coupons.

Next bargains where all clearance. To start I managed to pick up x2 Tresemme products for only £1.38 each and they both had an RRP of £5.50. I picked up a bottle of the Tresemme perfectly undone defining spray and perfectly undone wave defining spray. I also picked up a Stylfile with an RRP of £4.99 for only £1.25. I managed to pick up some packets of the Emergen-C vitamin c orange drinks for 25p a sachet. Last bargain was Air Wick reed diffuser in the new forest smell this has an RRP of £12.00 and cost me £3.00.


Thats all for now, Amber xox :) 
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