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1. It’s okay not to be okay!
2. No one is perfect - not even Beyonce ๐Ÿ’‍♀️
3. Follow your dreams no matter what anyone else thinks
4. You only get out of things what you put in - work hard it pays off!
5. Do what makes you happy!
6. Live life for today - you don’t know what will happen tomorrow!
7. If at first you don’t succeed try and try again!
8. Turn negatives into positives everytime ❤️
9. It’s okay to focus on yourself sometimes and put you before everyone else 
10. Life isn’t about the amount of breathes you take, it’s about the moments that take your breathe away! ๐Ÿ’•
11. A good deed a day goes a long way - just be nice to people ๐Ÿ˜˜
12. Things take time - not everything happens overnight!
13. There are more important things to worry about in life than weight - eat that bar of chocolate but get back on it tomorrow! ๐Ÿซ
14. Try not to dwell on the past focus on the future!
15. Tomorrow is another day - today might not have been your day but tomorrow could be!
16. Try not to let the little things get to you - this is one I’ve learned but do sometimes struggle to stick to with my anxiety!
17. People don’t live forever - make the most of loved ones while you can ๐Ÿ˜
18. Karma is real - pay it forward! - good things happen to those who do good deeds ๐Ÿ™Œ
19. When your unhappy with yourself if effects your relationship - afterall if you can’t love yourself how can anyone else love you ๐Ÿค”
20. Friends come and go but it’s the ones that stick around that matter!
21. Don’t compare yourself to other people or try to be someone your not! - BE YOU! ๐Ÿ˜‰
22. Money doesn’t buy happiness! 
23. Take trips , make memories! - this is what you’ll remember for the rest of your life ๐ŸŒž
24. You can’t please everyone! And not everyone will like you ๐Ÿ˜ซ
25. EVERYTHING happens for a reason ๐Ÿคช

What life lessons have you learned?! 

Thats all for now <3 

Amber xo


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I would be lying if I said I didn't wake up on a morning wishing I like a bronzed goddess. I am one of those people who forever chases their tan once I come back off holiday. I don't seem to maintain a tan very well, so I tend to use self tanners whenever I want to look sun-kissed.

In fact I am a little bit fake tan obsessed. I love how I can give my skin an instant bronzed glow. I have tried and tested lots of different tanning products over the years and I have to say I have my favorites. I have a list of top tans I tend to stick to in order to avoid any embarrassing you look like you've been tangoed instances. So what I am trying to say is that I do tend to stick to what I know until I received a new tanning product from Palmer's a couple of weeks ago.

Palmer's do some amazing natural products. The thing I love about their products is that they do not contain any nasties and they use fair trade ingredients.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion - £5.69:

I cannot believe I have found a new favorite tanning product. This is such an incredible product at a fraction of the cost of a lot other tanning I like  to use. The formula is a super creamy moisturising lotion which combines cocoa butter and vitamin E to deeply nourish the skin. The thing that's amazing about this product is that its two in one as it not only gives you the perfect golden goddess glow but keeps your skin in tip top shape also. I love the colour that this product gives my skin as its a natural bronze tone so you look like you have just come back from a holiday abroad. I like to use this product daily to build up the colour but also because it keeps my skin moisturised. This is the perfect product to use when you come back from a holiday to try and maintain your tan. I also love the smell of the product as you smell like you've bathed in coconut milk rather than smelling of ginger biscuits.

I love this product and know you will to. If you interested in trying this product it is available from both Boots and Superdrug.

Thats all for now .... Amber xox <3


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If your anything like me and love washing your hair but dread having to dry it afterwards then I may have found the perfect product for you!. 

I have weave which means my long thick blonde locks need drying every time I wash my hair in order to keep my extensions in tip top condition. The days before I had a weave I would do just about anything not to dry my hair as it always seemed like such a chore. If I had discovered  this gem of a product back then I would have always dried my hair. 

I received a parcel in the post a couple of weeks ago from Batiste and I was super excited when the parcel contained their new Speed it Up Blow Dry Accelerator sprays. 

There are three different sprays in the range:
  • Smoothing - Containing nourishing Baobab Oil smooth out your hair from root to tip - (turquoise bottle)
  •  Frizz Taming - Formulated with Tamanu Oil to defrizz your locks - (Purple bottle)
  • Shine - Enriched with Ginseng to give you shiny and lustrous locks - (Pink bottle)
They all smell absolutely incredible and I was amazed at how much quicker my hair dried. The spray claims to dry your hair 30% faster and it didn't disappoint. The amazing thing about these sprays is not only do they help you dry your hair so much quicker but they also contain a heat protector to stop any of your hair tools damaging your hair. The heat protector built into the sprays can help protect  the hair from heat damage up to 230°c. I also love the fact you really don't need to use a lot of this product as a little goes a long way. I tend to use around 6-8 sprays across all the different sections of my hair which considering how thick / long my hair is this isn't a lot of product. 

These amazing sprays are only £4.49 each and for the amount of time they have saved me they are well worth the money. I think this is such an amazing price for quality of this product. I am in love with this product and couldn't imagine blow drying my hair without this now. I love the fact their is a spray for everyone as they cater for different hair types. 

Which spray would you like to try? 

That's all for now ..... Amber xox



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Hey everyone long time no speak!. It has been a while since I have took time out to sit down and write a blog post. Life seems to have gotten in the way and I have took time out to focus on filming for my YouTube channel but I am back with a bang and some amazing hair care you guys need to know about.

You may or may not know depending on whether you guys follow me on YouTube or not I decided to get hair extensions back in December. I have always wanted super long hair and over the years due to me repeatably bleaching my hair blonde it has faced some damage. So last year I made the decision to get a decent amount of it cut off in order for it to grow back longer, stronger ect. So with all the said when having hair extensions you have to make sure you look after the hair because in my opinion what's the point in spending all the money getting them fitted if your not going to look after them?!

So a couple of months ago a package turned up on my door containing some hair care products from a company called Maui Moisture. I had never tried their products before although I had seen their products in passing when shopping in Superdrug. I have to admit I have always thought the packaging looks super pretty and it always made me want to be on a beach in Hawaii (I WISH!!).

I was lucky enough to be sent their Revive and Hydrate Shea butter collection including shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. All the products in the range retail for £8.99 per item and the range smells absolutely incredible!. The main the reason the range appealed to be also is because the range doesn't contain any nasties. Their products are free from a lot of things such as silicones and sulfates. The range is also vegan. 

Revive and Hydrate Shea Butter Shampoo - RRP £8.99:

I love the consistency of this shampoo as it lathers just enough as I find sometimes sometimes shampoos are too soapy. It contains aloe vera which leaves the hair feeling super moisturized and thirst quenched. 

Revive and Hydrate Shea Butter Conditioner - RRP £8.99:

I love the creamy texture of this conditioner and my hair feels silky soft after using it. The mixture of different oils used in this product such as coconut, Shea butter and macadamia really help to deeply nourish the hair. It leaves hair super soft and not at all greasy.

Revive and Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask - RRP £8.99:

This hair mask is the bomb. I am in love with it, it literally leaves your hair in tip top condition. Its the perfect texture for a mask and is super creamy to help nourish the hair. Whenever I use this I feel like it really penetrates the hair to ensure every strand is left conditioned. I like to apply this on dry hair about half an hour before I am going to get into the bath/shower to let it really sink into the hair. Then I get into the bath/shower and rinse my hair. I then follow with my normal shampoo and conditioner routine. 

Which hair care brands do you guys love?

That's all for now.... Amber xox


Did I Achieve My Goals For 2017?

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 So at the beginning of last year I set myself some goals to achieve and thought I would update you guys with how I did with them and what I achieved. 

If you want to watch my goals for 2017 video click the link below:

So lets get into this!, I thought I would write down the list of my goals below and go through whether I achieved them or not!

  1. Pass my driving test- I am so unbelievably happy I managed to achieve this one. After years of trying I finally did it and I really don't know how I would manage without being able to drive now!.
  2. Graduate from University- So as some of you will know I decided to go to university to study to become a teacher but then life sort of got in the way and it changed how I felt about what I wanted to do in life. It got to my final year and I really struggled through passing my dissertation which I needed to do in order to graduate with honours. I have finally done it!. I decided that even if its no longer what I want to do, I have put to much work in not to complete the course. I resat my dissertation and passed so now if I do decide its something I want to do in the future I have it as a back up. 
  3. Get motivated to achieve my goals - After a tough year of ups and downs I feel like this one was a hard one to achieve as it was hard to stay motivated every day. I think the with this goal its just more about staying focused and keeping my eye on the prize! - I feel like this is something that needs to be ongoing into 2018.
  4. Get a new Job - This is one of the goals I am most proud of achieving as I did actually get a new job working at Marks and Spencer as part of their specialist selling team. I have then moved into the bakery and worked super hard doing all sorts of shifts at all hours to get the job I really wanted. I then got offered full time on their Beauty counter which is something I have decided I want a career in. Beauty is my passion and its the sector I want to create a career for myself in. 
  5. Lose weight - This is one that has been hit or miss!. I have an unhealthy relationship with food and when I get down in the dumps I eat, when I have a reason to celebrate I eat. I did lose a stone this year but have since regained that weight. I have decided that I need to make a lifestyle change rather than dieting. I need to start and make an effort to eat healthier and exercise plus drink lots of water. I am determined to do this in 2018!
  6. Keep a diary- Nothing much to say about this other than the fact I completely and utterly failed ๐Ÿ˜…
  7. Grow my following and regularly upload content- I feel like this is something I have massively improved on. I do have a long way to go and I do want to try and put out more content!
I feel like I did a really well in trying to achieve these goals and I cant wait to set my goals for 2018 and see what I can achieve this year. I just get this feeling that this year is my year!

What where your goals for 2017 and did you achieve them?

Thats all for now .... Amber xox



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Hair, well hair is sort of my thing. I have had long blonde hair for as long as I can remember and I plan on keeping it this way. I have been blonde for so long that it is vital I keep my hair looked after with good hair products. It ain't easy being blonde as I found out on my recent trip to the hairdressers when she revealed it would be a good idea for me to take three inches off and let your hair grow back healthier. Three inches is a lot of hair for me to lose but after years of bleach the damage was beginning to show. 

After this trip to the hairdressers I decided my hair is my pride and joy and I want to keep it in tip top condition. After searching around for new shampoos and conditioners to help me do this I stumbled upon a new launch from Baylis and Harding. This new launch immediately caught my eye with its stunning packaging and amazing claims of making my hair nourished and hydrated. I was lucky enough to be sent the nourish + hydrate shampoo and conditioner from the great hair range to do this review and let me tell you; it is amazing.

Great Hair nourish & hydrate shampoo and conditioner duo
 - 500ml bottles :

One of the first things I always do when buying a new shampoo or conditioner is the smell test. A smell test you say?! yes I know this may sound weird to some of you out there but if im putting something on my head it has to smell good. I opened the bottle and OMG it smells insane it has a coconut fragrance which reminds me of being on holiday sunbathing on the beach. 

So when applying the shampoo I did notice that it didn't foam as much which I like because not only does it mean that the product doesn't contain any harsh chemicals it also means residue doesn't get stuck in the hair as it can do when a shampoo is overly foamy. I did work the product into my hair a little more with it not being as foamy but that I didn't really think that was an issue. After rinsing my hair it smelt amazing and felt nourished. I believe the softer feel is due to the coconut extract in the product. My hair didn't feel dry or straw like which I have found has been an issue with some products in the past.

After shampooing I applied the conditioner. I always condition every time I was my hair as with it being bleached it needs a little extra TLC. The conditioner worked like a dream and left my hair feeling smooth and nourished. My hair wasn't knotty or tangled which can sometimes happen with other products.

I really do think Baylis and Harding have done a great job with these products. They are great value for money and great for your hair so its a win win!.

Whats your favourite shampoo and conditioner?

That's all for now, Amber xox



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Hair removal is always at the top of my list as soon as Summer comes around or in my case as soon as a holiday is booked!. So with my summer holiday just around the corner I thought I would give some Nair hair removal products ago to see if they where a easier alternative to shaving or waxing ect. The thing is if your anything like me you want to be hairless and silky smooth but you also want it to be quick, easy and painless. When it comes to hair removal even mentioning the words quick, easy and painless in the same sentence seems ridiculous. 

So I decided to give some Nair hair remover products ago! what have i got to loose I thought to myself well apart from all the hair I desperately want rid of nothing really. I just want to be able to go on holiday throw a bikini on and not have to worry about any unsightly hair appearances. Nair is probably the one of the most well known hair removal brands out there. I have always found the problem with hair removal products is the stigma that follows them around. When people think about hair removal they always remember the ghastly smell that used to come with those types of products but not anymore!. Nair has created a new nourish range of products which all contain argan oil for softer smoother skin and no nasty smell. 

 Nair Nourish Glide On :

This has to be the easiest product I have ever used. I never in a million years thought hair removal could be this easy. Nair Nourish glide on should be used exactly as it says simply glide on and let the magic happen. Literally all you need to do to use this products is twist the product up apply to the area in which you want to remove the hair, wait five minutes and rinse. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I used this product and my hairs just washed away. My skin was left feeling silky smooth with no irritation. As someone who suffers from irritation after shaving I was amazed as I didn't have any discomfort after use. I usually have to slather my legs in moisturiser to stop them from itching. 

The glide on can be used to remove hair from legs, bikini line and underarms. No mess and no fuss and no bad smell!. I will definitely use this product to get my self silky smooth and holiday ready. 

Nair Nourish Shower Power Cream :

Nair shower cream is also another amazing product. You just apply it to the area of hair you wish to remove 2 minutes before showering enter the shower leave it on for another 3 minutes then remove the cream with the provided spatula. It can be used on the legs, arms and bikini area. Quick effective and easy hair removal guaranteed for up to 7 days.  

I love both of these products as they are easy to use and super effective. I think the glide on is great if your in a rush and don't have much time to spare. I love the fact that they leave your skin feeling nourished and in my case that my skin isn't irritated. 

What is your experience with hair removal products?

Thanks to Nair for sending me these products to review!

That's all for now, Amber xox

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